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  1. Fail? Why, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like getting a little doorknob in the ass every now and then – *Especially* while urinating; that “Surprise, gotcha!” moment while you’re vulnerable just adds the extra special something that lets you know someone cares.

  2. Let us all observe the picture very well. The guy is taking a piss, obviously. We all overlook the fact that the photgrapher is actually a raging homo who ran through the door, knowing the outcome of the situation. He’ll be using this picture later, along with some lotion and tissues.

  3. anyone else digging that the urinals are black? am i the only one who likes a little color variety when it comes to the things i piss on? 😀

    1. Now if only they make black toilet seats, that’ll make my day ;D but I so agree with yuuu ;D IF they make toilet seats and not urinals cuz im a chick -_- cuz why do white people getta see their color when they piss and not us mexicans and black people! NOT FUCKING FAIR ;D

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