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    1. Sigh…
      Canadians are good drivers…unless they’re from Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or really anywhere outside of Toronto or Manitoba.

    2. I take exception too that. I’m a very good drivers and Torontonians have just as much accidents as the rest of us.

    3. Bull shit. Most Toronto drivers aren’t even Canadian. It’s like driving through India. Bunch of crazy curry eating assholes.

    1. I had my American friend up for a week, and I only had my learners (he had his license for a full 5 years before he came up) and I was and still am a better driver then he is.

    2. Americans shouldn’t be aloud to breed, let alone drive. Americans are aweful drivers. It’s not surprising that Canadians are better drivers than Americans. Considering American colleges are the equivilant to Canadian grade ten for education. That’s what imbreeding does to a country.

      I would be embarrassed to call myself an American.

    3. Hey Vilhelm (or William in USAmerica)
      First… it is “inbreeding” not “IMbreeding”.

      Second… Colleges in USAmerica have a higher population than all of Canada. Not to mention, your professors probably went to an US college to get his/her degree. Companies from EVERY country send their people to the USAmerica for college.

      Third… Canadians ARE better drivers than… Asians! Everyone is.

    4. I have a great solution to this. Everyone from every country just go and kill yourself. Because everyone is a fucking retarded.

  1. I’m from Calgary, and it doesn’t surprise me to see this kind of thing. Lots of brown people driving large construction vehicles…I guess they don’t handle the same as a camel 😉 Allah u Akbhar youu terrorist sunzabitches!

  2. that’s what happens when your driving a large truck, and smoking, and drinking coffee, and yelling out the lyrics to Freebird while your co-pilot punches you in the arm every time he sees a VW Beetle

  3. Its unreal how racist people are. Like his colour of skin or where he was born had to do with his driving skills. fucking idiots.

  4. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. 🙂

  5. top 5 reasons Y this Happend
    Canadian driver 1.
    terrorist driver 2.
    Gay driver 3.
    my mom as driver 4.
    my sister as driver 5.

    1. Top five reasons you’ll never get laid.

      1. You’re ugly
      2. You’re fat
      3. You will never leave your parents basement
      4. Somebody will probably shoot you before you even get the chance, because you live in the worst country in the world.
      5. Your dick isn’t big enough to make it past the lips

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