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    1. Please leave then if you don’t find this funny or humorous,you are starting to be a Buzzkill around here…

    2. No. Comments are for ridiculing and insulting the people who end up depicted here, and for being a cunt to strangers who piss you off…
      Go join if you want to share opinions…
      As they say, opinions are like assholes, Dude loves to share them 😉

    3. Hey youth, the link is broken man. How are all these feeble-minded fucktards going to get to a site that really wants them and their high and mighty commentary?

    1. James, Gaystar Marc sounds like an insult made by an 8 year old who has just found out what gay means.
      For the record, a gay pornstar is still called a pornstar, not a gaystar.
      And how would one of these tarzans play with his anus if all they do is jerk off?
      Think a little first Jimmy.

    2. One day you’ll grow up and make big boy comments. Actually contribute something clever instead of attempting to ridicule me so someone else can just point out your shortcomings. This is why you get picked last buddy, cause no one likes you.

  1. MAny perverted guys are thinking…. “If only my dick was smaller or if the toy was bigger”… Which one works more efficiently?

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