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  1. They keep using these adjectives over and over again, “sleek, stylish, attractive.”
    Nothing alludes to that image like naming the car after something associated with a bunch of poor, dirty Mexicans getting sloppy drunk on Tequila while shoving cheap, greasy fried food in their face.
    Yes, “Fiestaaaaa!” That makes me think “posh, trendy,” certainly not “cheap, built in Mexico.”
    Oh yeah, the woman fell – well, she could have flown around and shot sparks from her fingertips, it wouldn’t help the car.

    1. Dude Fiesta is just a SPANISH word for party. just like Shindig, Bashment, Bash and the word college douches use…Partaaayy. But i agree on nothing that chick could have done to make that car more marketable. I thought there was gonna be a wardrobe unveiling, and was crossing my fingers for that and not a trip and fall.

    2. Hold on a second here… if the car was named the Ford “Rave” (an English noun meaning “party,” also) and I made a similar comment that instead portrayed the image of a bunch of pale, pasty white kids all under the age of 25, bouncing around with glowsticks in their hands, and high out of their minds on X and assorted hallucinogens, you wouldn’t have said shit.
      If the car was named the Ford “Cockgobbler,” and I cracked a gay joke, you wouldn’t have said shit either.

      So don’t throw that damn “race card” at me, it’s unbecoming. *Especially* on a website like this.

    3. Take this into consideration. Which guy will get his ass beat? The white guy that tells a black joke in front of black people, or the black guy that tells a black joke in front of black people? Get it now?

    4. Now who’s being racist? You’re saying black people are so shallow that they think it’s ok for one person of a certain skin color to tell a joke, but not a person of a different skin color to tell the exact same joke?

      The black people I hang out with would laugh at the joke if they thought it was funny, or roll their eyes if they didn’t, but wouldn’t get all pissy because they understand that it’s a joke, regardless of the skin color around the mouth that told it.
      Still, the people you are referring to are all bark and no bite anyway. They wouldn’t beat anyone’s ass unless they outnumbered them 3 to 1.

    5. I’m obviously talking about saying those things around people you don’t know. Come on, get with the program. Of course your friends won’t get mad, isn’t that obvious?

    6. fiesta is a spanish word. nothing to do with mexicans. shows your ignorance when associating a language, that dozens of countries speak, with a race that’s simply closer and more convenient to make fun of.

    7. curious as to why do white people use that “My Black friends don’t act like that” Serious your friend grew up with and feel sorry for you and in fact you have come to mean so little to them they don’t bother correcting you cause it’s pointless. They just figure one day you’ll make it to the real world and when you get your jaw broke you’ll get that they were trying to save you from further pain and embarassment.

  2. For a sub-compact it looks better than a Honda Fit or a Toyota Yaris. The segment itself in America is shit, but I feel for a bunch of turds, this one is a floater comparatively.

    1. I owned a 3-cyl Geo metro once for about 30days. Great on gas, but not great on ego. ….SOLD lol 😉

    2. Marc you’re a tad miffed they didn’t offer you the cocktail dress and heels gig aren’t ya.
      ’tis ok lad. We’re all a bit jealous we couldn’t show our knickers on the telly too.

    1. dude if you are going to try to say something in spanish you should learn the lenguage first¡¡¡ it is ¨Quesadilla¨ and i can bet thats a better car than the one you drive right now¡¡

  3. lmao, I remember watching this on tv and thinking about how annoying michelle Heaton is and all of a sudden bang she falls – so funny!! so glad Steve won!!

    1. I agree, actually it is one of the cars that are being more requested in the US, this people think their Yaris and their Honda Citys are the best¡¡ LMAO

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