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  1. I’d heard someone had bought the rights to turn this into a live-action show set in Mexico, but I thought it was just a rumor until seeing this.

    Are you ready, niños?
    ~/o Ohhhh… who lives in a foam-mattress out in the street? ~/o
    ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o

    1. ~/0 enormous and smelly and has dirty feet ~/0
      ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o

      ~/0 if mexican nonsense is something you wish ~/0
      ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o

      ~/0 then cross the border and come live in the street ~/0
      ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o

      ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o
      ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o
      ~/o SpongeJuan Failpants! ~/o
      ~/o SpongeJuaaaaan Failpaaaaaants! ~/o

      LOL had to finish the song 🙂

    2. Nice 😀

      But the “cross the border” line needs to rhyme with the previous, something ending in “-ish.”
      How about:
      o/~ Then cross the border and come learn some Spanish! o/~

  2. @penis .. Clearly SpongeJuan’s mattress bed is cut off at the knee. But everyone thanks you for looking for penises on Faggot.

  3. wtf?! im sure the rest of you said that when you first saw this picture……it looks like french toast to go! :DD

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