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    1. It’s not that funny actually. Crowd surfing is causing serious injuries all the time, thats why it is not allowed on some concerts.

    2. i wasnt trying to be funny. anyway she fell fairly slowly too the floor. could not have been that painfull.

    3. Warped Tour 2004 (Calgary), my fiancee was stage diving off the lighting rig (70 feet up) and forgot to turn to his back…He broke shoulders, necks, and 1/2 his body.

      Sorry, I don’t have footage or pics because they destroyed them…bad press.

    4. MilitaryMinded85, I wouldn’t lie about this shit. Wanna talk to my fiancee and hear the same god damned thing? His ribcage, part of his spine and collar bone are screwed and bolted together. I’ve seen his x-rays.

      Just because it doesn’t happen every day, doesn’t mean that ppl don’t jump off lighting rigs in concerts, esp if they have wicked guitar skills and their the replacement artist.

      Oh, and learn how to spell “really”.

    5. HeartbreakPrincess — use the correct “they’re” before you criticize militaryminded85 for grammar/spelling!

    6. HeartbreakPrincess your “fiancee” a.k.a your brother is a fucking moron, tell “him” that he deserved it….not that I believe your story.

    7. W1 most of the shit ppl do in fail videos cause serious injuries doesn’t make them any less funny. As someone who has crowd surfed and also been on the end of a kick to the face from a crowd surfer you gotta roll with the punches (or kicks in my case) Same with people who go into mosh pits then get arsey cos some1 pushed them too hard, man up or don’t get in the pit if you can’t take the hits.

  1. Your supposed to yell and let people in front of you know whats going on. Usually all the weak sissies get out of the way and you can crowd surf for quite some time. But judging by the music type, it was a crowd for of pussies.

    1. Agree with you on this one i surf at all the concerts i go to and that’s never how it goes… i mean i have seen a few people dropped but that’s because of weak girls or guys trying to be macho and show off

    1. I’ve surfed MANY times. In grass, on asphalt, down hills. Its about finding dense groups of people and rolling. You can control the direction you go to some point. And if you start falling, its easy to land on your feet. But those were at REAL concerts, that is the true fail here.

  2. – Captain! We have a whorepedo off the port stern, coming in at 30 knots!
    – Evasive maneuvers! Dive, dive!
    – We’ve been hit!

  3. Seriously how do you fail at that? Makes no sense. But also makes no sense to me for someone to be crowd surfing to that band anyways

  4. What is with these retards who try to crowd surf back to front? No one is facing the back of the crowd, of course you’re going to get dropped on your head. Front to back, retards.

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