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    1. LOL! tanner your a fuckhead world at wa has old as guns. you can tell by just looking at the surrondings, obviously mw2

    2. awww guys…dont be fucking douchebags….there are similarities in that MW 2 multiplayer map to one in world at war…plus he said he doesn’t know for sure.

      lol “old as guns”

    1. Someone who plays video games is no different than anyone who watches sports, tv or movies. So what do you do in your spare time other than jacking your dick off to the sounds of your parents getting it on? If you don’t like video games, why would you watch the video? Will, you are a poser FAIL.

    2. Will before you type another fail, please make sure the dildo is up right inserted into your ass and not going directly into your mouth. Second, you probably have no experience or any decent knowledge of video games because all you do is beat off to gay midget porn infront of your brothers 5 and 6 in a threesome.Lastly, that sort of statement usually comes from a poor unhealthy family that can’t afford to buy anything for their children because they only buy, Boots, Chains, and wipes because poor old and hairy mother and father are fucking prostitudes.

  1. amazing fail LOL….
    Norman you are a douche… I watch sports, TV, movies, play video games, and I certainly jack my dick 24/7…. not to my parents though, the thought of that is just weird, who would think of that??… OH WAIT, you did. You fail at making a point sir.

    1. The point is that people find ways to entertain themselves. So anyone who enjoys video games is a nerd, but a sports fanatic, couch potato or movie buff is not? They watch other people live their lives, scripted or not, or watch others play the sports they wish they could play, but they are not nerds? I’m the same as you, I play games, watch movies, tv and maybe not 24/7, but close enough (gotta sleep sometime). It’s clear that I did think of that, but what do you expect, it’s the internet.

    2. Would it be weird if I had two screens one on a sports channel and the other hooked up to a xbox or PS3,but while watching both and cranking one off?

    3. “Dude, I was totally camping like a complete pussy, and this guy followed behind me for an age without me even noticing, and he totally even had time to write me a message in txt before uber-pwning me, and now Im bitching to you how much of a complete fail I am! Its not my fault I suck, its his! You know, dude?!”

  2. “what game is this ” you sir are a douche , how can you not know what game this is , do you live in a mud hut in Africa. This fail is class , if it’s real it’s to good

  3. This has already been done, though the one I seen was done a lot better. The one I seen he said “look behind you” then busted him as soon as he turned around.

    1. I’ve never once in my life have seen an asian express their “weak” opinion on a video game. They are usually ripping people off with their horrible business that they created by selling their products through shipments that come in from their Country. The only smart thing about them is that they don’t use their own people tranporting the goods from one Country to the other because it would never make it due to being a blind as a bat trying to operate the vehicle/plain/ship. Our streets, highways, and freeways will never be safe until we put them back into a ship and send them back to their horrible Country. Hey Charlie….

  4. Private iamAcowmoo survived the pwning. Med-evaced by Roflcopter, he was airlifted to Noob VA Hospital outside of Fort Lulz to treat his injuries. He was diagnosed with Right-Analog Stick Fail Syndrom (RASFS) upon recovery, and spent the next nine months in hospice.
    Four years later, Private iamAcowmoo is a stay-at-home son living in his parent’s basement. Still under ongoing care for RASFS, he spends his days drinking WoW-themed Mountain Dew and struggling to play turn-based RPGs on Live Arcade.

    This… is his story.

    — Epic FPS Fail: Saving Private iamAcowmoo (Coming Summer 2010) —

  5. you stupid little fucks jeez to be honest i dont know one person who has never played a fucking game in there entire life
    also i didn’t know anyone who has never been laid but fuck i have it you homo’s
    fucking loser idiots argueing a fucking game damn! thats sad
    but to be honest i even play that game

  6. i mean i play games yeah and everything but not so much, people in this generation are losing the sense of being in an outside activity to have fun and spend their time, no people have to be watching tv, playing a game, watching a movie or doing something indoors…im ot arguing or anything im not being a bitch here but im just trying to make a point!

    1. First off instead of sucking so much cock why don’t you try getting some decent education before coming on to this site and posting your horrible paragraph. Second, who gives a fuck what you think other people should fucking do with their lives bitch, are you fucking god? Third, please buy a dildo and stop saying you are getting it good, because the only thing you are getting is that runned down urinated bloody dildo that you shove both in your wide ass and hairy forested with trees pussy.

    1. you sir! are a doucher! and wtf is a henkie? you mean …hankie from south park? (FAIL)

  7. and another stupid game that consists of running around with a weapon 100% of the time… violence is a fail.

  8. Wow that black ops fail kid didn’t spas as much in this one this must be the reason way he got a ps3 later…

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