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  1. yes getting grounded for 3 months by your parents is the equivalent of ruining your sisters rep in front of all the people you know and that she may know.. hope she didn’t commit suicide or something like that

    1. still for hiding beer?? thats pretty f*** up and he still has internet so maybe not so hard afterall…

      well for me… hehe that punishment wouldnt even be punishment, id love that kind of punishment.

    2. Bah! no rules in brother/sister war! its all out…she’s not thinking of suicide, shes schemin! Rnd 1 winner: Sister, Rnd 2 winner: Brother….only a matter of time before she catches him doing something really bad…..

    3. All right, a lot of u said 3 months is harsh, but I’ve got Chinese parents. I think these were lenient! My parents would have shipped me to military school, I’m not exaggerating! That guy shoulda just accepted the fact that his younger sister found out, and just said idk like seriously why’d u do that, not this whole thing. That’s just so kindergartenerish! I have a brother who’s younger than me but I would never do something like this to him
      But I must admit the sister was stupid for writing down all her planned ‘activities’

  2. I kinda feel bad for her. But it was a total over reaction for him. 3 months isn’t even that bad of a grounding.

    1. feel bad??????
      she wrote it and she did something that would make someone go into revenge mode.

  3. Stupid girl had to write everything down. What? Was she not going to remember who she wanted to have sex with? The whole “to do” list is a bit sick. This girl needed to be stopped… That aside, it was very, very funny. I have no sympathy for wilfully stupid people.

  4. Brilliant! She got exactly what she deserved. I feel bad for the guys on the list though. After this they probably never got their blowjobs.

    I wonder what the parents did when they found out?

    1. beer’s illegal when you’re underage.. which he probably is since he’s still living with his parents

    2. not exactly illegal if underage just illegal to buy, while i do consider it a bit dumb theres nothing you can do if the kid that wanted alcohol just get an older kid to buy it, the BUYER just has to be overage… the drinker doesnt..

    3. In the United States, alcohol is illegal to: purchase, posses and to consume, if you are underage… Get your facts straight.

  5. ok ok 3 months is a bit much but… he got his fricken pc.. he can GGO ON THE INTERNET.

    if im grounded that should mean no 360, no internet for a couple days…

    for my sister… phone ban.

  6. OMG!!omq!!! god that dude toook everything a little too much, ok so his sister told on him, i would have been mad but damn that was too much!! i feel bad for the guys he tagged too!! and that little bitch hore deserved it!! Ima be real that skank got what she deserved, why would she have that?! its the most disgraceful thing i ever seen in my life!!!! if i were her parents i would seriously kill her,, but im not old enough anyways, and i would have killed myself, that is sad how girls are thesee days and that guy was pretty over the top..ijs.

    1. Well which is it? He went too far or she deserved it? Sounds like your other personality started writing the post halfway through…

  7. i know two things, for sure 1) shes young as hell 13-15…2) shes not in chicago, cus thats where im at, and id be on that list…..

  8. FUCK YEA!!! What the fuck is wrong with her. He had a pack of beer, so what. She didnt have to say anything to parents. And those parents are fucked up too. Grounding him like that wont stop him from drinking after those 2.5 months. I was relaxed around my parents. I could say anything to them and they wouldn’t get mad (most of the time). I could even drink in their presence, one time they even ofered me some whisky. I didnt took it. I respected my parents and still do, i hated my sister, but now I love her. Just sometimes life can be such a bitch.

  9. for all you stupid fucks out there who cannot read….It was a BROTHER who posted that on facebook about the little sister. And just to put my 2 cents in….I think she got what she deserved. if you’re stupid enough to write down what you will let guys do to you then you should be ousted as a whore. I’m a whore i dont take offense to it. Bet she got ALOT of ass after that was posted!! Dont lie guys you know even if that shit was well known you hit it just for free easy pussy!

  10. Because in my state in the deep south we get the electric chair for having beer hidden in our bedroom hmm hmmm

  11. grounding doesnt work, you gotta beat that ass, but she may come to like a belt to the ass, doesnt matter shell make easy money being a pornstar if shes lucky enough, or just an early pregnant mother who doesnt know who the father is, fucked for life, i think shes adopted

  12. Bullshit, all is fair in love and war! Those here who have siblings know exactly what im saying…no rules when it comes to brother/sister wars…..he just got the win this round, she got the win with the beer…..its only a matter of time before she catches him with his happy sock!

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