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    1. Seriously the greatest thing I have ever seen. We need to make a movie like this anyone interested?

  1. @GazeboGirl: The only reason you are defending this katie is because you’re likely as much of a slut as she is. The sad fact is that about 90% of all women are like this they can blow every guy in their school/workplace and then they get all weepy and play a victim when they get called a slut. It makes me want to puke in my soup.

    Yet at the same time the things women say about men are never seen as mean spirited or cruel. I worked in a retail store and was one of only two men on a shift. I should have recored some of the things i heard in there. Far more cruel than this.

    I wish the tramps would stop playing the victim card everytime they get called out on their bullshit. Its simple if you dont want to be called a slut, stop being one. Its not exploring your sexuality if you shine every helmet in town.

    1. “90% of women are like this”? So… are you living in whoreville or under a rock? Maybe… Las Vegas?

    2. 90% of women? you are clearly living in whoreville, like the other person said….or you are just f’in stupid

    3. erika and sebastien (name fail) either you are in the 10%, you’re in the 90%, or you’re in the 10% wishing you were in the 90% either way get off your high horse. you know herc speaks the truth

    4. HAHAHA so funny! you talk so big to make up for smaller things?

      I would really love to see this sciendtific information that 90% of women are like this and 10% are what? Nuns? how do you look your mother, wife/GF, daughter in the eye knowing that she must be part of that 90%

  2. Man, I would of waited a week or two, played like i felt bad for her and took her side. Then fuck her brains out for a good 3 months. She’s asian and a freak, shit ….. i’d have all kinds of fun with her.

    1. kinda doubt he meant the brother (wouldn’t make sense from the context anyway); I think he meant one of the dudes replying below the posted letter 😉
      Or maybe he even was one of them ;]


  3. And *this* is why I stress to my kids to not fight amongst themselves. Just imagine if they had a common enemy, they’d be unstoppable! 😉

  4. holy cow. that’s awesome. but yeah whoever put this on is kinda dumb. like, it WAS their fault for being a silly butt with a 12 pack in their room… they deserve their punishment. but i would NEVER do this to my sister. it’s pretty funny to look at though. i wonder how old this poor girl is…. HA.

    1. Well, if it is his fault for having a 12 pack in his room(which it is)…then it is also her fault for having a very revealing, embarrasing, completely whoreish, and extremely funny list of things she wants (or has already) done to guys in her room. am i right?

  5. ROFLMFAO!!! I laughed like an idiot, I really think she deserved it, because if you have done worse things, your bill may be more expensive than you expected.

  6. @Javier my thoughts exactly

    if you have a dirtier plate than the person sitting next to you than put up and shut up.

    and why would this dumb whore make a list AND leave it at home???

    in any case, im on the brothers side.

  7. AHAHAHA oh yea Chris is definatly a legend, someone shud make him an award for best sibling revenge in the fucking world AHAHAHAHA

  8. That was funny, but im impressed by the racist comments here… but when u are talking to a real woman u are such a coward and dont say that to her face…anyway…

    1. it wouldn’t be racist comments (except for the mentions on how she’s an asain) it’d be sexist comments

  9. This picture is so dang epic. I still laugh so hard when i see it… good job chris ;D

    hmm im 17 katie… my hair is short.. come blow me 😛

  10. HAHAHAH “what are you gonna do? tell mom and dad that i uploaded your dick sucking list to facebook? go ahead.”

    why the fuck would you write dick sucking goals on a sheet of paper like that?

  11. Katie clearly brought this on herself. She deserved to be humiliated.
    Others have already done a good job explaining why, so I won’t bother.

  12. I don’t see how this could possibly be tagged as a fail. Seems like a pretty epic revenge win on the brother’s part if you ask me.

  13. Wow even to my worse enemy i would never wish this on someone i mean come on this is wrong i wouldnt have went this far and i have been busted for a lot of things but i have to give Chris his props a 12 pack of beer in your room a isin’f nothing compared to this! 🙂 so fucking Epic 4-real!!!!

  14. I wanna know how this ends. it would be really funneh if katie would just go to her parents and say that her brother put her BJ/pusseh eatin list on facebook. And it would be funnier when the parents are like ‘aww hell, chris now your grounded for 6 months. And katie… keep going.’ now that would be epic huuuuuh?

  15. was it christmas when she wrote it?…poor santa..FAIL!?
    **to the ppl who want to f*u*c*k her, have fun with std’s..

  16. How can someone write that shite down? Don’t you have a freaking brain to remember who to blow and who to kiss? OMG

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