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  1. u guys are all retards yea maybe katies a slut but chris is a bitchy brother 4 doing that and if some gus r perverted enough to be this immature about this than wowwww

    1. did u miss the part where it was katie that ratted on him? like the saying goes.. ppl in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    2. What goes around, comes around. As the ancient Kurdish tribes once said: “Do not throw the arrow that will return against you.” Katie threw an arrow by telling on chris, and the arrow returned against her and pelted her in her jizz covered face when he brother told on her.

    3. i think it’s fair. his sister shouldent have ratted on him that’s just as wrong and backstabBing as the revenge that came back in her face.


      Okay, first and foremost, if ANYONE, female or male is slutty enough to have something like this, they deserve everything that’s coming to them (pun totally intended, including the mass amounts of STD’s.

      Now my guess is, by your reaction, Katie and you aren’t too different.

    5. a bitch is a bitch and like chris said, so is karma. you don’t rat on your siblings, end of story.

    6. Katie, you did it wrong. You take the beer, hide it for a later date. When he can’t find it, whats he going to do? Tell his mommy? Asian strict parents who let lil kiddies have facebook does not compute.

    7. Is this Katie disguised as Molly to try to convince people to ignore this most hilarious posting? Just understand Katie, you ratted on him so that he doesn’t go down a bad path with the whole alcohol thing and he ratted you out so you don’t end up with an STD. That’s what family is for! LOL!

    8. Shit, you must have had someone rat you on when you were younger eh? I’m a girl and she totally had that coming. If my sister ever rated on me, I’d make sure she got her revenge. Katie’s a slut.. people should know if she’s treated like an angel. WOWWWW!!!!

    9. hey mollygrl…. there’s a reason the album this photo’s in is called “karma’s a bitch”. she ratted on him for having beer, this is fair punishment, in my opinion. and, judging by the comments, most of the other sane people on the internet

  2. It’s for the greater good you moron. An eye for an eye and besides, its the best counter attack I have ever seen so far.

    1. Its always been said that true men never hit women. And so what did chris do? He did something just as satisfying as punching her. He sold her sex life out. We can expect to see them on Maury/ Dr. Phil soon.

    2. sometimes psychological beatings hurt more than physical. and i think he got the sweetest revenge ever.

    3. So….he should have hit her? Jesus you’re a twat. I see you’re dick is set firmly on your head Selvie.

  3. This guy took revenge to a whole other level. He didn’t have to beat his sister up or take his punishment like a bitch…
    No, he went and revealed to the entire world that his sister is a slut because she was a snark who totally snitched his ass out..
    This kid… has got a pair of some of the biggest balls I’ve ever seen metaphorically

    1. Yes he does and its even better cuz she cant make him take it down… As Chris said, wats she ganna do? tell her parents about it? lol

  4. I think he helpt her by publishing this, this girl has such a serious problem having this thoughts! i don’t know her age but I think she’s like 15 jears old.. Now she can get serious help, saving her from growing up thinking that giving a blowjob is the only way to be loved and respected.
    But.. I had to laugh too when reading it 😛 brother win!

    1. Giving a blowjob is the only way a woman will ever get love and respect from a man. Deal with it.

  5. I can’t get enough of this!!! HILARIOUS!!! Like the saying goes, “Don’t piss people off who have dirt on you”. In this case, found dirt on you… Hahahahaha

  6. This wasnt funny. Seriously I felt sorry for the girl. She’s a girl she’s sensitive unlike that bitchy brother who cant just suck it up. He’s a very very very bad person v.v This better be fake..

    1. So…..she rats him out for drinking alcohol.

      sorry Sorry, having alcohol {it would seem he never drank it}, and when he turns around and rats on her it’s wrong?

      I’m trying to see where the train de-railed on your thought track but all I find is this flat penny of stupidity.

    2. Why the fuck should he suck it up. The bitch threw the first punch, prepare to get knocked the fuck out.

    3. sure, a mans dick is quite sensitive part, so i guess she treats it with sensitivity and care, so she is sensitive!

  7. I would put all my strengh in my fist and put Chris into coma but I would never ever approach his sister…basically that makes a fucked up family you cannot approach

  8. This is epic–love the comments and replies on Facebook, lol. She made the first strike ratting him out. If you’re going to be a friggin snitch either live life like an angel or make damn sure you have no physical evidence of how much of a skank you are. The ho-bag had that stuff listed with a DEADLINE!! Like a nasty ass to-do list. Totally deserves it.

  9. 12 beer cans 3 months glad to live in the netherlands drinking age 16 🙂 smoking age 16 🙂 legal weed 🙂 and not so much problems with drinking or weed as in the usa

  10. hey if she hadn’t ratted on him in the first place he wouldn’t have had all that spare time to go through her shit and find this note, so she fucked herself in a couple ways more than one….plus she could just not be a ho and stop keeping dick sucking lists

  11. they were both wrong..on so many levels. 1. underage drinking. 2. she violating his private space and confidentiality (what was the point of telling the parents? he wouldn’t share?) 3. he violating her private space. 4. underage sex. 4. she writes the [email protected] down. DUH…why? As a reminder or a to-do list?) So all in all people are stupid with sharing TMI. All is fair in love and war. They’ll get over it. It’ll be a story to tell at Thanksgiving. Maybe they’ll get their own reality show. SIBLING WARS!

  12. In the basic terms of sibling rivlary. She started it, and he finished it. She shouldn’t have narc’d on him. Plain and simple. You play with the bull, you just might get the horns. So fuck any of you defending this lil snitchin bitch.

  13. This is f^cking wonderful!!!! Pay back is a B!tCH and even thought this is really extreme and embarrassing IT’S SERIOUSLY F^CKIN HILARIOUS!!!! :)) Good Job Chris

  14. Sounds like some people like to win and don’t like to lose. Tis terrible the cosmos doesn’t conform to their whims.

  15. OMG!!! Both those kids are stupid. First off don’t keep beer where it can be found, and don’tt let a tattle tale know or find it. Second don’t write down your dirty deeds, And don’t tell on anyone if you have something to hide too. DUH!!!

  16. best win ever, hes got some balls to do that to his own sister which makes it an even bigger win, hes winning

  17. haha. How did the Brett guy not comment on that? How many of them do you think took her up on that offer even after the first guy was like “stay away!” 🙂

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