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    1. it’s not really that funny unless you’re a “complete idiot”
      try googling that one “COMPLETE IDIOT”

    1. Agreed. If theyโ€™re going to keep posting these โ€œmake your own fails,โ€ like google searches and the picture with those two queer boys at the bar with unlit cigars, then they need to at least implement an โ€œanti-failโ€ button. That way we can -1 Fail worthless entries like this.

    2. CornMcKobbler and Youth in Asia, sadly there’s a whole website dedicated to the Google fails…people keep submitting them.

  1. Hmm, I actually got a kick out of the three headed alien suggest. But duly noted guys. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyone else feel free to leave feedback on if they still get a kick out of the google suggest fails (or even what you want to see more of)! We want to keep the site fresh & funny!

  2. The “brittany spears is a band role model” reminds me of a story that my manager told me. There was a music video playing at the bowling ally i work, and a Brittany spears song play (idk which one), and this super-christian lady gets offended and complains. she then calls the corporate headquarters and complains.

  3. why wish such dont know the woman and yet you wish her dead. i wonder what it would be like if ANGELFROMHELL took her place…i think you needa GOTOHELL

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