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    1. Jp, I hope you really don’t think that. That’s Britney not Jamie, you just made yourself an epic fail.

  1. In that picture she’s prettier than Brittany Murphy ever was. Also who cares? Did you personally know her? Was she an influence on your life?

    1. I agree with pornstar marc. Who cares? It shows how Facebook is a fail! People who care about either star and post crap about them and care are fails. Delete facebook and get a life! EF

  2. There is so much fail in this post. First; the wrong picture. (obvious) Second; “I wish Brittany Spears was dead instead of Brittany Murphy.” (that’s getting a little too invested into pop culture) Third; the entire post from the fat chick at the bottom. All of it, word for word.

  3. hahaha this was made on purpose, the person who added the photo is Elchu Pacabra, which is El Chupa Cabra, a mexican urban legend about a monster who drank the blood of the cattle!!! “The Goat Sucker”

  4. Now Brittany im happy for you and ima let you finish!

    But Michael Jackson had one of the best celebrity deaths of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!

  5. Farrah Fawcett goes to heaven. She was such a good person God grants her one wish.

    Farrah says, “Please take care of all the children in the world God, let them be safe from harm.”

    God kills Michael Jackson.

    Oh snap! Too soon?

  6. The other fail here is all the names are censored out, but read christines’ post, Anna ceciliy collopy, so is that an fail?

  7. so is the fail the pic of spears or the offended obese pig who goes on a rant about a totally non related topic on a “R.I.P. Brittany Murphy” page?? it’s ok Chrisitne just grab a big mac and slap on “the Notebook” and have yourself a good cry

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