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Net Fail


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Submitted by Chanjay

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    1. I guess that was an inbred retarded muslim.

      There is this “male dominance” culture in Japan as well but… it is different since you DO NOT beat your wife in order to practice it.

  1. You knuckleheads need to reread this one. This is no FAIL either. He’s not talking about physically beating his wife. He’s just trying to be funny about being smarter than her.

    1. Yeah, agreed. The FAIL here is not reading his entire question, and as such labeling it a fail. Way to ignore the third paragraph – he was just making a joke, no physical abuse involved… unfortunately, as that would have been funnier…

    2. This guy sounds like an immature little prick. his wife wouldn’t get depressed if it was just board games, more like:
      “Beat you to the car!”
      “Beat you to the bottom of the stairs, haha!”
      “Beat you to the bathroom, you fat bitch!”
      Fuck. Tool.

  2. Seems a setup for sure. I’d say a bored guy playing a joke on yahoo answers. NORMALLY I like the yahoo answers on here, but this one sucks.

    1. Yeah, some of the other ones that have been posted here have been better like the guy with 10000 hentai magazines or whatever. The should post “Why won’t my parakeet eat my diarrhea?”

  3. No, no, no! You all missed the point. It’s a troll question with the obvious misdirection that you are supposed to think he is physically beating his wife but at the end he reveals that he is constantly “beating” his wife at GAMES. He never once says that he strikes her but you are supposed to make that implication until the end and then realize it is a joke question. Morons like this troll Yahoo! answers all the time.

    1. Isn’t this such a “funny fail”? Boy were we fooled! I thought he was physically beating his wife…. but he really wasn’t! Wow these emotional rollarcoasters are fun! What a fail! This fail isnt worth posting! I guess the real fail here is me for commenting on such a non fail as if it is important! EF

  4. Ok. wow, I was pretty pissed until I read “I Get It”‘s comment.
    I was thinking, “beat her over a frikkin board game?
    now I get it, too, and it IS pretty funny XD

  5. this mother fucker is gonna stop beating his wife and thinking hes better than her if he doesnt then im gonna beat this fuckin shit out out of . hes a lazy fucker

  6. Why FAIL? It’s fucking win. Even people in here fell for it. (seriously read it until the end next time… he beats her at BOARDGAMES You big failers!!)

  7. If your wife is getting ready to divorce you over winning board games and you have to seek help from Yahoo the answer is cleary KILL YOURSELF.

  8. Okay okay everyone is talking about him beating his wife at board game but then the “she has been complaining to my friends and her family and that is bringing her down and depressed” or something like that just sounds strange.

    Either it was worded quite poorly or all the people saying “its a joke u retards” are completely missing something.

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