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    1. Wow! That made me sick… But, for some reason I can’t stop watching this over and over again. Oh yeah, I know why, because those people were stupid enough to drive 100+ MPH, loose control of the car FOR FUN, all while not wearing seat belts. Yeah, I just can’t get enough of stupid people killing themselves! LOL!

  1. This is what happens when you play Gran Turismo non stop for like 4 weeks. You start believing you can really do it. And then you die.

      and muslims wont just hope YOU to die, but try to kill you first and rape you in form of a 10yr old virgin in their muslimick heaven

    2. Hey everybody… Notice how Ammazzarabi posted a comment to his made up name, “STUPIDREDNECK” but he got his comments backwards… You really are a bunch of Stupid A-rab donkey-fuckers! aren’t you, Ammazzarabi?

    3. @ANthrop WTF is that supposed to mean? Are you some kind of gay-wad or something? Dude, one day oil will run dry, the rest of the world will go on developing new technologies to replace the westโ€™s need for petroleum, and your people will still be living in the stone age. โ€ฆThen you will blame the white man for all your problems. Just keep running around screaming, โ€œInfidel!, Infidel!โ€ Get over it dude! We will NEVER change for you!

    1. Seatbelts are a hazard, they’re resricting & just plain annoying… Why would you want to be stuck in a crushed up vehicle anyhow?, I’d rather be thrown clear of the accident. Safely out of harms way.. ok,ok… Now let me grab a coffee & watch this video. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I think I would rather roll in a car on sand for a bit with a seatbelt then fly about 18 feet in the air and be the unlucky one out and smack the concrete.

    3. 2 years ago i flew out the window similar like these guys in a similar accident, i did not have a seatbelt of course… I fractured 2 vertebrae and had reconstructive surgery on my face, NO BULLSHIT

    1. bullshit it ain’t, one less idiot on the road for me and my family to deal with. I only hope he had the rest of his idiot friends with them when it flipped. oh and it’s a ‘natural selection win!’

    2. mun you are a… um how can i say this… a assfaced juntbag that needs 2 go die in a horrible rhino breeding accident. i hope u get in a accident yourself and it gets put on here so i can laugh my ass off when u have a a piece of your car shoved up your ass

  2. That was an insane video! The two dudes slingshotted out the car while in mid air. Then you see the one on the right bouncing off the ground. “911 emergency, aawww yes i just witnessed my friends flying to their death, what should i do ma’am?”

    1. It’s ok we know it was you that dieded, this is just your ghost typing. We’ll leave it at that.

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