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    1. It’s “He must HAVE twisted his back…” Another amazing success for the Public Fool System!

    1. Like most short guys, he probably has Napoleon’s syndrome. Can’t wait to see how much he claims to benchpress…

    2. he doesnt have ANY muscles , lol.
      Whoever convinced him to do this: i owe you bigg time, thanks for this great video, hahahaha

  1. That’s not a squat. Squats don’t use the smith press. That’s a moron trying to impress his friends with a bastardized version of a true squat. He deserved to learn a hard lesson.

    1. Agreed. What the fk was he thinking? They always stop filming at that point but obviously the filmer is just as fkn stupid so why do they stop? It can’t be because they are suprised over 1,000 lbs of weight crushed his 110 lb body.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH i work out regularly and im 6ft 3, 20 stone
    and even I dont do that shit….I kind of hoped that douche got crippled…would teach him a lesson.

    1. he didn’t lift it off the rack, he’s in a Smith machine- which is a fail to begin with.

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