Christmas Toy Fail


Design Fail

A TOY mouse supposed to sing “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells” has been recalled amid claims it warbles “paedophile, paedophile”.
Submitted by Christopher T.

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    1. DAMN IT!butter… we all got that shit going on…you’er spose’d to keep that shit to yourself…butter wtf man

  1. this is the worst fail i’ve ever seen. this isn’t funny. it doesn’t sound like pedophile. this isn’t frontpage-worthy. this site failed; not the toy.

  2. Most americans won’t get this simple because there pronunciation of the word is different to the british pronunciation.

    Americans pronounce it “Ped-o-file”
    British people pronounce it “Peed-o-file”

    1. i thought it was just me but it sounds like jingle bells just a cheap speaker crammed inside of the doll made it sound muffled, plus peadophile isnt even a word… if they were intentionally making a corrupted doll they would get the word right atleast…ive sent more failworthy stuff to this site and it has never been posted, they would rather make up fake questions in yahoo answers and post them instead…

  3. I think the fail is supposed to be the Sun “newspaper”, which is read by retarded lower income people in the UK. They are known for this sort of stupidity whenever they are not writing about the latest Big Brother bint showing her tits.

    1. haha like lower income render’s you retarded…ignorance win…just remember.. HOW would you survive without your money? thets right you wouldn’t…its people with higher income that are the retards..mummy boy social retard

  4. Even if pedo sound more fun he probably sing wunderbaum, wunderbaum cuz its probably dubbed by a cross-eyed Korean dictator with 5.72 eyes in his right ear. but I hope im wrong 😀

  5. to all u ignorant retarded americans ,its not a fail , the description says ” paedophile ” not pedophile ,so yes of ocourse it dont sound like pedophile , because it says paedophile u intelligent inept dickheads of earth
    excuse my spelling/typing

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