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    1. what I want to know is… Where the hell were they driving to? the store to get road salt? haha… 😉

    2. If you’ll notice they locked the brakes and the car picked up speed. That’s glare ice!.. I’m an x race car driver and I might bail out if I knew how steep the hill was on the other side.. or the only other solution is to just run into something that will stop you. That’s amazingly icy. They needed this spot for Nitro

    1. If ur car is going to fuwad u just hit the break, or gear reverse, and so on… But leaving ur car that way is the last thing somebody with brains will do. At least u get close and slowly enough to a wall then u bail, so the car sligthy bump it. Wooww Epic Driver Kill Ur Self Now¡¡¡

    1. Depends what to expect at the bottom of the hill.
      If you are sliding helpless towards a 4lane road or a railcrossing, I will definitely get out of the car as well.

    2. The problem is even if the car was sliding towards a busy roadway, they would still be much safer in the car rather than being outside of it since as the video showed, they slid along the same direction as the car anyway.
      Unless the car was sliding towards a deep body of water or a cliff, it is always safer to remain inside and buckled up.

  1. When you ABSOLUTELY have to have your Starbucks in the morning. No ABS on that shitbox + woman driver + retardation = the hill is now a sledding experience.

    1. You make some stupid assumptions. That car is a Ford Fiesta, and judging by the styling of it then it does have ABS. ABS is even worse than no ABS on the ice. Oh and the driver is not the female on the left hand side as it is a right hand drive car!

    2. Your comment is a fail. The man was driving. The wheel was on the other side of the car. Besides the people who was recording this knew other cars had done this too, it’s not really a fail just an icy road. I wouldn’t abandon my car though. So if you insist on being sexist, then learn your facts first retard.

  2. They must have never seen snow or icy conditions before because there is no good reason to bail out of the car–unless you want to get run over by the car!

  3. driving lession’s when driving on ice…1 never ever EVER lock your wheels…just take your foot of the braek and coast the car using gear’s only to slow yourself…2 exiting a moving car will get you put on a site i like to brows called the YNC.COM…3 sucking your driving instructers dick for a pass make’s you a potential murderer…i think people should be tought by same sex to provent cheats like this slutt… she could of killed a kid

    1. Your opinions are mostly correct, but your spelling is atrocious. You don’t make plurals with apostrophes. The correct phrase is “could have,” not “could of,” and that doesn’t even begin to address the actual spelling errors. I hope you drive better than you spell.

  4. yo me voy por las hermanas de todos ustedes monton de analfabetos que viven con menos de un dolar al dia. Aprendan ingles o al menos traten, por algo el blog es epic fail, no “gran catastrofe”.
    Monton de VIRGENES¡¡¡¡¡

    1. Listen, who are you telling to learn English? I have a 4.0 in college and graduating next semester. Don’t ever jump to conclusions or underestimate anybody. That’s a very foolish thing to do and it could land you in big trouble out in the real world, well, that’s if you get out into the real world. Oh by the way, have a happy new year.

  5. 1. I don’t blame them for sliding like they did on ice. NOTHING can get traction on ice, unless you have metal spikes on your tires.

    2. That was a stupid, uber-dangerous move to jump out of the car like that. In fact, I’m pretty sure the passenger got run over by the car lol.

    1. I don’t think the passenger got run over, she looks like she slid away from the car, but it certainly looks like the driver got run over lol

  6. Yeah, considering the fact that the whole road was glassy ice, there’s not much you can do to keep traction no matter how good of a driver you are.

    Still not an excuse for bailing out of the car like that. Panic + stupidity = ER visit.

  7. Instead of waiting for someone to get killed so you can record it, how about you try to go out there and warn drivers? Good samaritan fail!!!

  8. how is this a fail….this isnt there fault, its not mlike they tripped, this isnt a fail at all. and i dont blame them from jumping out, shit i wouldve done the same shit, i wouldve been left too instead of slidding down a hill in a car u can’t control. Theirs ice on the ground they cant do nuffin, u can hit the Emergency break, put it in reverse and apply the regular breaks that car was not going to stop for nothjing, that car was going to keep slidding

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