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  1. There at the end, when she was just floating motionless in the water, I was thinking “Now is the perfect time for David Hasselhoff to come sprinting up in a red swimsuit with a floatation device, and make his comeback.”
    *queues up Baywatch theme*

  2. If there’s going to be a “Fail” video it needs to take less then four minutes to get to the fail. And I like the fail videos to make me laugh, not hate the human race.

  3. tadaaaa! 🙂 haha well i think that she could have practice a little much before her show.

    but if she tried to make us think she were dead, she did well 😛

  4. hahahahahahahah xD im sorry but that was funny. and lol at the dude laughing as she was losing her life. he is a win lol

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