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    1. I say what the heck…Do your best Denzel impersonation & if you gotta grab onto some retarded andre the giant to get your junk up in deeper to hit a virtual g-spot, then go for it. Give’r man… You only live once! lol 😉

    2. I can see what happened here.
      The black guy has a really big tool.
      So the girl in the middle takes it from back. But THE TOOL doesn’t stop there. In a really weird way the tool ends up IN the faggots as$ as well. That explains the expressions of those 3 faces.

  1. Guy on left looks retarded, guy on right is a flaming fag, the poor girl in the middle has no idea what’s going on. That’s what you get for wearing a leopard print.

    1. They all look like they have some mental failings. The guy on the right looks like he wishes there was something being jammed up his ass. “she” looks like she’s got quite the grip on him and would like to jam something. Maybe “she” has something that “she” is packing something down there. The guy on the left just got off the short bus. They took his helmet off and pulled him up for a conga line. The retard is grabbing the Guy, if the “woman” got out of the way the fag on the left might have a good time with special K.

    2. That woman serve as a spacer to prevent the black fag to break the white fag. The white boy looks so happy and stupid.

    1. LOL uuuuhhhhh!!! Cortez boyfriend is pissed off!! Yes i’m homophobic you asshole! I have nothing against some fags… i mean “silent” fags. Those who are gays but keep they mouth shut and don’t have pride for being queers. Run to your gay prince and get anal to mouth with cortez

    2. James…I hope you keep all that built up anger for the bedroom,you sound like a fiesty one!
      ps r/u top or bottom?

    3. stfu gay…go stick fingers in your arse while watching gay porn. gays should die… (except pretty blonde lesbians).

    4. Oh yea those lesbos are all wanting you James. You do realize that all homophobes are afraid that they’ll enjoy homosexual activities. You see, everyone is gay, it’s just an extent of how gay you are. You watch male on female porn, you’re gay. You watch lesbian porn and jack off, guess what, you’re touching a dick you’re gay. When you piss, well you squat, but others hold their dicks so they’re a little gay but it’s ok cause they’re attracted to women, unlike you. You’re attracted to yourself, a guy, you’re gay.

    5. You assume I’m fat cause of my name… Way to go man. You’re whole life has led up to this moment. Pause for a second, listen for the claps and cheers as the whole town sings in honor of their brave heroic commentor. Your lifes journey is finally over, you took what I gave you and turned it into this perfect comeback… Or you fail to realize fat bastard is a name of a character from the Austin Powers movies. Oh but great comment James, you can’t beat pornstar Marc, you can’t beat the gay commentors, you can’t beat me and you certainly can’t win at life either. Get some balls outside of your mouth and please, please, please make at least one funny comment. Crack open a joke book, rip off a qoute or something. Hell even try using kill it with fire or did he died on something. Make us laugh not feel for the special needs people

    6. HA HA HA HA HA HA MAN YOU’RE SO PISSED OFF!!!!! Come on, throw up all your emesis out here looser. you need a shoulder to cry too? xDDDDDDD

    7. Yea I don’t see how you think I’m pissed off? Your assumptions are yet again off. But don’t worry, you’ll get that funny comment moment one day. Keep trying James, keep your head up and out of Jae Cortezs’ lap, you won’t always be an epic failer.

    8. james isn’t afraid he’ll like it…he knows he likes it…he’s afraid you’ll find out…you know, ‘methinks thou doth protest too much…’ (you won’t get that james, don’t worry though…)

    9. fatbastard is the king at commenting!!! you rock! james on the other hand……..terrible comebacks dude…

  2. black guy is saying white bitch move i want some of that white guys ass cause im a black homo and i have AIDS

  3. I have nothing wrong with guy girl guy threesomes if that’s your thing but the guy in the back should never grab the thieghs of the guy in front for thrusting purposes. He looks like a gorirra!

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