Body Odor Fail


Net Fail


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Submitted by Becky G.

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  1. Seriously, how do you smell your balls? They either smell strong or you’re very limber. At least ham doesn’t stink though

  2. Unless he has a GF who is complaing and won’t go down on him, how the f would he know? Maybe he should cut them off getting rid of the problem once and for all. A good sharp pair of scissors should work fine. A little duct tape to close the wound and he’ll be all set.

  3. I see someone “tried” to teabag himself. You know you stink when you can smell your own nutsack, no matter how far away you are.

  4. I knew a guy who’s balls smelt like a bad infection…yet he was clean from all STD/STI and was in good health :-\ Ham doesn’t sound as bad.

  5. i wonder how many times “not D baby daddy” has dissinfected his scrotum, at least it only stings the first time.

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