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  1. If this guy has a girl friend (live-in or not) he had to have help do all of this. the couch, the cushions, the curtains, the stuff in the fridge!!! he even had TP!! LMFAO. he had elves help. When his girl comes over, it’ll be the joke that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends…. wait till she needs to take a shit and all the TP is now wrapping paper. WIN

    1. i dont know what the social life had to do with this…having free time dont means u have no social life lol…is so funny how uncreatrive and envy make u say all the same shit over and over…and yeah u gonna fewel butt hurted and say i have no social life for saying this…wich make u even more butthurted=more win for me

    2. im sorry Cam, but i tried my VERY hardest and still couldnt understand a sentence of what you have typed. spell check is there for a reason…. = more FAIL for you 🙂

  2. I dont know if some sad, lonly guy had WAY! to much time on his hands or if that was one awsome prank! To fail or not to fail, that is the question!

  3. I heard about this. Apparently this guy’s friends snuck into his house and gift wrapped everything. Last I heard, he wasn’t done unwrapping everything, but every time he did he would exclaim, “It’s just what I needed!”

  4. I have a few thoughts: Holy shit that took a LOT of time. Good god what a waste of paper. Nobody likes this guy. Someone REALLY has holiday spirit.

  5. One way to recognize that the ability to own all of these things is in itself a gift and blessing from god, especially with our current economy.

  6. well there’s an idea when you’re short on money for the xmas season XD
    … also they had a little bit too much time on their hands i think… still pretty cool and amusing though haha

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