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    1. And all military minded people are mindless fools and tools of the government that fanatically follow another tool (the president) to the ends of the new world order in a game of mass genocide and population control. And you’re worried about chinks… tsk tsk…

    2. And another thing. At least the “chinks” are up front about their human rights record. The USA fails in that respect. Too many secrets.

    3. i hope we drop another bomb on your chink chonk…go back to killing helpless living things i.e whales/bears/shark/dog/monky/and now the all time low… retards…you’l start making soap from ther blubber next…dont talk to me aboute genocide…is the pot calling the kettle black?

    4. By the way, I’m not chinese. I’m Canadian. And don’t talk to ME about genocide when the US government is responsible for crimes against humanity unlike the world has ever seen. The 4th Reich is here, right now. Long like the United States of Amerikastan!

    5. The only crime against humanity here is allowing that Canadian banshee Celine Dion her rights to live. She is the true genocide. But anyways, really smart to diss on a country that’s as fucked up as the USA. We’ll fuck you up, kill as many as we can, drop a bomb and then send you helpful items like food and water. Like Christopher Titus says “don’t mess with a nation that needs medication”. And don’t argue over the Internet like morons, get out and make some action, show us not all canadians are French pussies

    6. You’re a tea sucking limey bastard? Ah makes since now but for the record, we kicked your ass in the American Revolutionary War, so I wouldn’t try to defend your country.

    7. well, i will attempt to broaden the redicule to another race… I lived in the yucatan peninsula (mexico) for a few years. I was amazed to see on NUMEROUS occasions entire families,4-5 people ridng the same motorcycle. bottom line, people do what they have to in order to survive, some tactics just aren’t as thought-through as others!!!

    8. @ fat basterd, the tea sucking thing doesnt realy affend english people… i here that shit all the time from yankydoodl’s so it must be funny to you…but its pritty stupid realy seeing as your a nation of coffey drinkers…thats like me laghfing at you because you eat doughnuts for breakfast but to you thats normal so its not funny