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  1. This is not a joke, this is pure savagery… If he had done that to me, he would be marked for life and he could never turn his back on me again… NEVER!!

  2. that guys a jerk! why would you push your bud face first in to a pool that look concrete! GOD of being a idiot and pushing your friend in to stuff get a freaking edjcation

  3. Vidic says he will never forget the name of an old friend, he indeed did. According to the Serbian local newspaper “Hoboctn” said this week, Vidic help Vladimir’s father through a serious financial crisis, Vidic tells the elderly to open a bank account, until the old Dmitry Liye Abramovich to see when he discovered I was surprised € 126,000. Manchester United captain advised him to buy an apartment and later run into the problem of money, you can also find him when he expressed his thanks to Vidic call.
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