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    1. I’ll just assume you don’t know how to read that well, or you completely lack common sense. His name is Jonas and it says he is in a relationship with his sister. However, it is probably a joke so it’s not really a fail or funny.

  1. Well, it would be sick if she rly is his relative… But as we all know, a lot of us name some close friends as relatives… I nammed my ex (we are in really good relation now) as sister… still we have our moments :)) sry for my grammar

  2. Wait, doesn’t it send you a request when you try to add someone as family or as a relationship? Then this means that she accepted it. O.o

  3. I found them both on facebook! you just search for “Emilie Rye” and she will come up as girl with a last name (ofcourse). then you just seach up “Jonas” in her friends list 😛

  4. they’re probably step-siblings. i have a friend whose brother married his step-sister (they were already adults when their parents met and married). weird, but not incest.

  5. Lots of my friends add each other as family members on Facebook for a laugh; I’m assuming he did this and then went out with the girl but forget to change the siblings box. She’s obviously not really his sister because the other people in his siblings list have different surnames.

  6. you do realise people just get spouse and sibling mixed up….that’s all my friend done it- it’s a mistake no one would openly share that if it were true

  7. You idiots. Did anyone notice that the last name of his girlfriend was covered up immediately after the “Rye”? And in the siblings, after Rye, there is a space.

    It’s obvious “Rye” is his siblings’ middle name.

  8. i do not see the fail ,,, i also put my girlfriend’s name in my syblings because she is a part of my familly ^^ but i admit that you turned it to look funny and/or creepy ^^ haha

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