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    1. ..and don’t forget the ever so sensual caress of his hand along the back of his neck & cheek. 😉

    1. poor tv indeed, cuz its old lol. if it was an LCD tv i wouldve cried haha especially a samsung

  1. I hope that they all die. How can people like this ever make the future world a better place to live if THIS is the way they entertain themselves?

    1. Assholes! Is there anything about them that is redeeming? Anything? Even this video isn’t funny enough for them to live.

    1. Are you kidding me? The damn video is right up above you and you still manage to spell Tylenol wrong. That is actually pretty impressive fail…on your part.

  2. Bunch of retards and that punch was so slow it was more of a push… could’ve knocked that man over with a fart.

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