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  1. we only get problems with stuff when it goes digital…ther is one thing a cant stand with almost everything that is digital and that is ….please wait loeding…i dont wana fucking wait…i want to listen to music,play a game,chat online,even taking a picture on your fucking phone becomes a long wait…iv worked it out that we wast 4 years of our time just waiting to loed

    1. How much time does a person waste using a spellchecker? lol 😉 I have 1 simple solutions for you, stop taking pictures on your phone, nobody wants to view those grainy 2inch snapshots anyhow or buy a simple Nokia phone without a camera, call the cellphone company & disable the internet capabilities, do you really want to wait for this site to load up & then pay $3-$5 to read this shit? lol 😉

  2. ok not to be a blonde or anything…hahah dont laugh at me but i really dont see what the pig problem with it is. maybe immissing something obvious. but like ok i see that the screen is sideways. is tht why its a fail????

    1. ok, i didnt get this either, but i think the blue screen is supposed to be like a touch screen of pop… so you can choose the pop with the expencive nicety of touching a screen. Anywho, the big fail is that the OS failed (because windows is a fail on its own). Its a sign that people are getting lazy when you need an operating system such as windows for a vending machine. Fail.

  3. Stop making fun of Microsoft, at least 80% of the time it’s hard drive failure, or other hardware. The other 20% is from user generated problems.

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