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  1. how did she get a used condom if her bf is a virgin does dat not mean she has bin cheatin on him kept the comdom n put dirty spunk off somone else on him shes a dirty loon!!!

    1. you know, the really messed up thing would be if she used it with someone else that had ghannerea or herpes or crabs, I bet she would be able to spell lawsuit or jail time.

  2. don’t you realize that the fail is that she really thought that her boyfriend was asleep all the time?

    when she says “ive used it about twice before” she’s saying that she has used a condom before

    ps: it’s still funny on both cases

    1. No, She said, “I put a used condom on him(Ive used it twice before)” I wonder how she got it on him, they are a pain to get on unused.

    2. Thats fuckin disgustin. I mean. it dont matter if he was just pretending to be asleep all that time or not.(obviously he was no one sleeps through that kind of thing.) but wtf was she thinkin you dnt do that anyway.
      I pretty no matter gender you are thats stil called rape.

  3. Fake and stupid. No woman is desperate enough to rape a guy (and it is certainly not necessary) and no guy sleeps through a blowjob and beyond.

    1. Actually, I know at least one woman who is capable of raping me if she’s desperate and any guy can sleep through a blowjob (he just won’t realize it and continue sleeping, without getting turned on by it). It is however, rather difficult to be turned on enough to have sex (not to forget the orgasm) and still be asleep. At least a small part of his brain was responsive enough to allow sex.

      Being her boyfriend (who was most probably aware of what happened to him that night), the sex may have been consentual anyway. The guy was pretty bad at hiding the fact that he was conscious then.

      If not, that’s one dead bitch, this ‘Hannah’.

      Also, why would she give a crap if he was christian or not? A rape is a rape. How often do you hear rapists saying “OMG I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, I swear! I did not know you were a christian before the time I violated your rights. Next time I’ll ask for religious dispositions first, ok?”

    2. While I was going to Uni. one of the other lads in my class told me how this girl had done the self same thing to him. Bj and then full sex while he was asleep. He didn’t have a clue until she told him drunkenly one day.

      He said he felt as though he’d had sex, and put it down to a wet dream, but didn’t have a clue someone had actually raped him while he was asleep.

      I can tell you a few personal stories too about an ex of mine when I would wake suddenly then drop straight off again. Years later she told me that she used to have ‘fun’ while I was sleeping. I never asked what she meant by ‘fun’, but I can certainly guess.

  4. imagine her breaking the news to him!
    girl:babe im prego
    guy:WHAT??!! WHOS BABY IS IT?!
    girl: yours..

  5. She says that her boyfriend is a VIRGIN, but then she says she had used that condom TWICE!

    So that means that apart from being stupid, she’s a whore! XD

  6. Ive seen and heard some pretty Fu**ed up Sh** but this come on now!! I know how this kinda thing plays out because i had this chick Ta^^^^ DO THE SAME TO ME. We were real real real drunk one night and i was ready to go to bed and was turnin off tv and stuff and she said she was to messed up to drive so she wanted to stay. So i said thats kewl go ahead and take the bed i will sleep on the couch then she says no its kewl i trust u. Now im the type of guy that would give his life for the well being of any woman so im def not the type u worry about tryin somethin. The thing is that this chick had a boyfriend she was supposedly serious with so i figured its kewl we will just sleep. So just incase i put up “The pillow barrier” in the middle of the bed. Well next thing you know im out like a lite. THEN i feel like im having this vivid dream about some real hot chick on top of me. So still thinkin im dreamin i do the damn thing. Well about thirty or fourty minutes later i start feelin kinda drained and im thinkin wait a sec “U dont get tired in dreams” then my drunken stuper evaded me and i came to the realization that i had just been taken advantage of WTF. Then the next mornin she gets up like nothin happened and actually ASKS ME TO GO TO CHURCH WITH HER so i do being a gentleman and all. Tryin to avoid the rape conversation. The worst thing is that at that church everyone knew her and came up thinkin i was this other old dude they had been hearin about and im like naww im so n so. This whole time the preacher is talkin bout cheating and lieing and basically all the reasons she was goin to hell. And it made me feel like crap because i honestly believed that she was like a lot of girls that are friends of mine who sleep with me. Ya know just sleep or snuggle nothin shady. So yes this kinda shit does happen. Just because ur a dude dont think that just because this girls the hottest in the city that she wont pull some shit if she can. There are shady men and women not just one or the other

  7. How can you sleep through sex? He probably woke up at a certain time and just stayed quiet, sneaky little bastard.

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