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  1. Ewww somebody else used that!! However, I don’t think you’d feel mornin sickness the very next morning, it takes a while to realize you’re pregnant. FAKE!!

    PS – What guy, at least that didn’t down a bottle of Jameson, sleeps through gettin ridden??

    1. that is pretty messed up, being that first of all,you used a old condom, second of all why not just wake him up? me get raped too and that’s just what you did. you took a normal situation and made it wrong. get help. asap!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. except she put a condom that was on some other guys cock on your cock also with his load. Kinky? well, gross to be sure.
      Plus a boat load of STDs.

  2. Hannah the whore, not very good to her bf. Must be in England, I’ve heard them use single serve bags of chips and a rubber band as condoms. Supposedly they are a lot pricier there. DON’T EVEN ask about the cost of ribbed for her pleasure…

    1. hahaha you’ve got your information so mixed up! It’s the americans that use chip bags cos then the men get SOME pleasure out of giving oral to the females, as it tastes just like fast food!

  3. That’s not morning sickness, that’s super bacteria of death built up from the condom being used twice before. It’s ok, it’ll be over soon when you’re dead. Slut.

  4. firstly, eeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Secondly, I would be particualr about where you pick in England as not all of us girls are like that. Besides, there is free contreceptives avalible to both men and women.

    Thirdly, eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  5. what the fuck really this is so fake. first off ya we all know he would have woken upp unless u drugged him cuz u couldnt help yourself. umm ya when he winds up with aids good luck explaining!!!!!! n wait do u save condoms after ur fuckbuddy uses them????? ewwwwww wtf sicko!!!!!

  6. This is obviously fake. No matter how bad the sex is, nobody stays asleep like that. Plus, even the dumbest person in the world knows not to recycle a condom, wtf. They are not that expensive. This person is just a troll.

  7. obviously fake.

    While it is possible to have morning sickness after 3 weeks, it is too hard to belive that she is dating this guy yet kept a condom that had been used twice before, and he never woke up?

    In all honesty, I might of belived it had she not of said anything about using a used condom.

  8. 9 Months she will tell her new born child, “Here you are sweetie all these months after your mommy raped daddy”. “Your daddy does not even know your here, because he is at the clinic with herpes”. What dork of a man stays asleep during a Blowjob, and if he did THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A DREAM!

    1. no, you can’t wet dream after watching the NOTEBOOK!!! it kills your sex drive more than gov. issued salt-peter!!!

  9. 1)shes cheap cuz she cant even afford a new pack of condoms
    2)she screwed X number of guys before-that makes her a ho.
    in conclusion, Hannah , i am NOT sorry to say this ,but ur a cheap ho. you should probably go kill yourself before you give any other poor man stds.

    1. Don’t tell people to kill themselves you idiot, they might do it. Then you’ll have a dead girl on your Conscience

    1. Not such a wonderful girlfriend. Not only does she fail for being a disgusting slut, but she should also fail for not being able to work him well enough to wake him up.

      If he can sleep through it, you’re doing it wrong.

  10. what the f kinda sicko reuses reused 2x condom? plus you messed with the guys religion. I CALL FAKE! I wake up when i have a wet dream and ejaculate. and who the hell uses that word? or making love? it cant be love if he was sleeping. plus, the note book wasnt all that bad. i read the book. and i agree. GO FUCKING MASTERBATE OR GO WATCH A PORNO OR GO TO A CLUB OR PARTY YOU FUCKING SLUTT!

  11. There’s no way this is real. Still, nice job thinking up one of the most disturbing fakes ever. The re-used condom was a nice touch. Really added to the whole raping your virgin boyfriend thing.

  12. I call bullshit. No 18 year old guy is going over to some girl’s place to watch The Notebook unless he knows he’s gettin’ laid for sure.

    1. Lol Actually I’ve done that.. and didn’t get laid.. lol but I was just 14 and it was 2 really hot girls

  13. Lol disgusting! And surprised the condom broke after the third use? Hahahahaha. Nd btw I’m english and girls here don’t use chip bags, you even met any women from england? 😛 it’s not expensive at all, it’s actually quite cheap compared to a lot of countries and you can get them for nothing from doctors and family clinics.

  14. i remember one time i was realy drunk… and this skank was all over me so i pretended to fall asleep and she actuly starts jerking me off… so i thought fuck it.. i pulled out a condom and put it on.. and then she mounts me.. i cum and she thinks im not looking so she pulls my condom off me and drinks whats init and puts it back on me thinking i never notest lol WTF..reading this just gave me a flash back i thought id share with you all

  15. serious? even if this is fake, go on and search for reuse condoms. you’d be surprised at how many people fail in life

  16. Idk what’s funnier. The fact that you think anyone with a brain is gonna believe that bullsht or the fact that some people think its true.

  17. The way i see it, all she is saying is that you already had sex twice using comdoms, so she knows how to use it.
    Come on ppl, you are all failing here !

    1. Yeah, this has to be a fake for sure.

      Still, if anyone wonders about the proper procedure to reuse a condom, it is simple.

      You turn it inside out, and then shake the fuck out of it. 🙂

  18. come on for fucks sakes people “ALL” these outrageous Yahoo questions are all fake theres nobody that fucked up to do shit like that and wouldnt be stupid enough to actually post the incident, uber-fail

    1. You don’t believe that there are people so stupid that they do this? Man, I used to be in a small town where this was a common practice.

      I’ve seem some people do such stupid things, that I’m dumbfounded they don’t drown when they drink a glass of water.

  19. You are obviously an idiot. Start saving your pennies for the abortion because your boyfriend is going to kick you to the curb.

  20. Would all you illiterates please learn to spell? It’s MASTURBATE, not masterbate. It’s HOPING, not hopeing. Even though they weren’t used on this page, I’ve got to get these off my chest, too: It’s LOSING, not LOOSING, and it’s DEFINITELY, not definately. Freakin’ public school system illiterates…

    1. yeah lloyd, see that no one give a shit how to spell
      and public school systems aint to blame…its the smart asses like you that make us public school illiterates look dumb…….btw im a freshman in a public high school with a 4.75 gpa…so fuck off

    2. No, Lacey, I’m not making you look dumb; you and your fellow public fool system illiterates are doing that on your own.

    3. aight really this infuriates me cuz i work hard to keep up a near perfect gpa for a freshman and you should maybe broaden your horizons before callin all us dumb. cuz we aint yeh get that we AINT

  21. wtf Lloyd no one gives a fucking shit how to spelll. this is not look i can spell grammar….go me
    and yeahs this ho is probably a dumbass blonde chick, like fourteen maybe, who screwed around with some kid and needed a fun way to explain it. i appreciate the ntertainng story tho

    1. Lol.. that part does stick out though.
      Plus, she may not even be pregnant with his kid but with the other guys instead.

      Not real anyway.

  22. that is just wrong on so many lvls … a used one … who used it and plus is he realy the father …. dam is that girl naturaly blond or just freaking retarded …..

  23. heh you actually wanna rethink the whole cleeshay that dudes get teenage girls pregnant , its like the GIRL got that dude pregnant :p XD

  24. Ewwwww, You could have at least woke him up, he might not wanted to do you. && besides that you need a new freakin’ condom.Gross!(: But if he was okayy with it and there was a new condon, then i would be all over that !(: Haha.

  25. Sex education classes in the U.S. in the 70’s taught how to wash out and re-roll a condom for repeated use. No, I’m not joking. We thought that was nasty then too.

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