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    1. llovejdm your are an asshole… lug bolts, lug nuts wtf does it matter same fucking thing, get a life!

    2. Yes, Ilovejdm, and all of us need to be a “car nerd” like you, I bet you don’t even have a good car.

    3. llovejdm, actually the rx7’s dont use WHEELS, thats why they came off. i would say you’re more stupid than bobit!!!

    4. Bubbasmith , bobit aint stupid man, in fact if its the same bobit im thinking of (from north england? red rex black wheels?) he has a very nice rx7 and has given me advice about my rex of the years!!!!

  1. I smell practical joke, or could be the handy work or the mechanic’s slow brother who just wanted to “feel so SPECIAL!!!” LOL

  2. No fail here, he was demonstrating how his RX-7 could turn into a boat as fast as you could say “look ma, no tires!”

  3. when that guy go his tires changed
    he should have told the mechanic “lets wait i week or 2 for a new shipment of bolts”

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