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  1. Oh, yeah. This is totally real. See? It says “(serious only please)” in the subject, and even ends with “(this is not a joke.)”

    1. Double fail. Fetichism fails too. I think it could be fake though, but we are talking about yahoo! answers >_>

  2. If it was for real she wouldn’t be his own sister.
    Nature made close relatives to not like each others smell to prevent incest.

    1. There’s been enough Jerry Springer and Maury Povich episodes to disprove your theory there, Hombre. lol

    2. BayCityMISucks / January 6, 2010 at 4:19 pmThereā€™s been enough Jerry Springer and Maury Povich episodes to disprove your theory there, Hombre. lol

      What about Tyra?

    1. I hope it’s not real either, for humanity’s sake. But there are DEFINITELY some sick people out there.. don’t put it past them..

    2. True. I was on yahoo and was readin it so i was lyk “hmm i have to share this with EF” lol the cmmts r always interesting to read.

    3. The fact that Japan sells underwear in vending machines doesn’t make me doubt the fetishes of this world today.

    1. 8.more sniffing and wearing
      9.tell your sister to see how long she can wear her underwear for before wearing a new pear
      10 a week later try to find them pants

    2. 11. end the poor, pathetic, useless, unfunny lives of people like military minded who never make funny, and coherant comments.

  3. ok cool on liking the smell of cho-cha instead of tubesteak, but YOUR SISTER’S PUNA?!!! EEEEEEWWWWW thats fucked up dude. go find your school’s girl’s locker room and go panty raiding, not in your own house.
    And to the guy sniffin’ mommy’s panties… it was bad enough we all had to do that shit once when we were being born, not do it again for stiffs and wiggles

    1. Well no, because it’s your sister and you proberbly wouldn’t be attracted to your sister like that…

  4. i got an obession with sniffing my friends brothers boxers
    i put them on my heead everytime im over there and no ones looking i go into his room and find a dirty pair of boxers but the smell ov his lil willy is so arrousing and dreeaamy and smeellls soooooooo goooooooooooood i caant resist it which reminds me brb going to find some dirty boxers goood job i got brown hair theres proberly skid maarks init

    im baack i found a pair
    and onee day i found one of his boxers and there was white stuff in the boxers and i found a comdom and filled it with play doh and put the white stuff on top ov it i shruv’d it up my va`gina hole and as it dug deeper and faster the next morning i had the morning sickneess I THINK IM PREGNANT WITH MY FRIENDS BROTHERS BABY!!! whaat do i do fromm


    1. ^^no it aint it real! thats my friend that wrote that!
      Oh god i hope she aint sniffing my brothers boxers!!!!

  5. I love to wear dirty underwears too, especially when they’re smelly! Seriously, no shame!! XD (Who the fuck does that for real anyways… Oo)

  6. ur a nastyass fucker go kill urself no resepct once o ever its ur own sister for gods sake yu sickOOO ! goo find a girlfriend

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