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  1. OMG, I’m 1st again! Woohoo! that’s 3x… Anyways, any fight that’s got Nick Simmons as a ref. is bound to go badly, good to see he’s branching out. Enjoy! 😉

    1. I prefer Super Mario. Whenever Mike Tyson knocks me out, he’s little sound effects always make me laugh

  2. I bet she’ll lie about how she got the big black and purple bruise on her hip… “Oh yea, *insert name* is such a good lover”

    1. I’m sure she won’t name those two losers there. I bet they get very little action unless they bone each other.

  3. She didn’t channel her ki properly, instead of letting out a proper ki-ai she sounded more like she was trying to take a shit. Looks like she needs a lesson in NinSHITsu

    1. So what you’re saying is.. You watch Hentai all the time at the Karate Classes i assume? Wanker..

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