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  1. things that face could mean in one liners.
    1. Damn!!
    2. Phat Asss!!!
    3. WTF??
    4. Period!!!!!!
    5. She’s got a Diiiick!!!
    6. Shiiitt!!
    7. Hell Yahhhhh!!
    8. Ride Ma Shiiiittt!!
    (keep it going) im out

    1. relax, have some fun… get off your computer & go get laid. You’ll feel much better, trust me 😉

    2. Thanks happy camper, was gonna say the same thing. Dude lets see u bitch about someone=else’s comments while your gettin head and enjoying the laughs on here.

  2. It’s got to be something because otherwise the girl is pretty Hot! Maybe she just shit the chair and as she stands up he can see what she left? Of course there maybe a number of things going on behind this girl. Maybe a big mirror.

  3. Lol that face is just EPIC! I think I’m going to start a photoshop series and paste his face on other people’s bodies in awkward situations

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