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    1. Did you see the guy in the back watching? Just standing awkwardly, watching him scream, fall & then do da funky chicken… He’s probably thinking, “Hey, I wanna try that next!” 😉

  1. I look at both sites. Most of the time the things posted are different but every once in a while they post the same thing. It is not really a big deal.

    As far as the video goes…wtf happened? Did he pass out? It doesn’t look like he tripped.

    1. EF usually gets shit before F-Blog.. and their stuff is overall funnier. Visit whichever site makes you laugh more, or both..

    2. either his lower verts gave out because half way up he just use all of his back like a tard then the fluids from the spine d wasnt keeping up legs went numb got light headed bam laying there till the emt came around to his stupid ass

  2. Also I like epic fail better for reading comments. F-blogs comments are retarded and almost never even talk about the video.

  3. the deadlift and the sudden celebration seemed to have made him light headed and decided to walk afterwards causing him to pass out

    1. he’s a bit skinny, so I think it was his first time in the center and he’s not used to do weight-lifting and his blood pressure suddenly went down & he saw black lol fail

  4. What a way to show off… lifting a ton of weights and then faceplanting into a rack full of dumbells and spazzing uncontrollably on the ground. Show-off FAIL!

  5. you know when your laying on your couch you get up too fast and you get that head rush where you feel slightly light headed and kinda high… this would have been it if it wasnt for the retarded Spartan howl…. NOW that would be hella funny if he yelled this is Sparta before the faceplant.

  6. What even happened? thats not even that much weight. those are only 45 pound bumper plates. they are made of real loose rubber so they wont break or cause damage to the floor. its only 315 pounds. I dont understand the sudden fall.

  7. This is why you don’t hold your breath when you lift weights. if you watch him he is clearly doing so. adding the screaming at the end probably didn’t help matters at all.

  8. He didn’t pass out, his muscle locked up. It happens when the shock of extreme weight sets in, it’s the opposite of delayed muscle soreness….he lost function of his leg/back/arm muscles and went down….

    1. have you ever lifted anything really heavy that requires a lot of effort? if you are not trained a lot of blood gets pumped into your brain, making you faint.

  9. um am I missing something here. That was only 315. I am hardly in shape but 315 for a 1 rep max isnt THAT heavy to be making like you are he-man.

  10. it’S because he controled less flow in his breath…so less oxygen to the brain…he stop breathing and force as much as he could…then he get knock out…

  11. Did any body see that foto of that exploded ass? It was on years ago. I guy was doing this kinda shit and then POP his ass just turned like inside out man..

  12. Could be his muscles or blood pressure on his head. He could be dead, the muscles will locked up and will cause you to fall then followed by epileptic gestures. That happens if you lift heavy things more than your muscle can.

  13. this happend to me! i dont think he killed him cus this happened to me and i didnt died. my docter said it was becaus i hert a nurve in my wrists and it sent a shock to my spine and my brain didnt know what to do and so it shut off cus it didnt know what to do and i didnt hit my head on a dumbells i hit my head on a bikecycle becaus i was outside in my yard becaus i was trying to lift my lawn mower. my docter said the cut on my head wasnt bad but my brain calmed down so it wouldnt happen again so i think im better off now. AND YOU SHOULDNT LAUGH AT THIS YOUNG FELLOW BECUAS HE MIGHT BE EMBARASED YOU SHOULD JUST SAY HOWDY HOW DO YOU DO IF YOU SEE HIM DONT BE MEAN!

  14. lol, it’s almost a shame that scooby douche didn’t start barking doughnuts outa his pooper, shit like this deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed, guys like him make the world a much simpler place by bringing on the joy of laughter. heres to ya….,reatard.

  15. Really..Now Epic Fail is spamming us with these stupid commercials. I was just thinking how I loved that they didn’t..EPIC FAIL


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