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    1. i totally agree
      i cant see tha fail anywhere, just nice chicks

      If you get 2 hot chicks around your neck and a third wanting into the picture, thats worth about 10 people poking their nose in the background, imho ^^

  1. The guy in the back is a fail. But The guy in the front with the smile is a WIN. This could be a Gay test. If you noticed the guy in the back right away …. I’m sorry to say your Gay.

  2. lol what happend to the sexy fail that was up before this pic. the dumbass that runs this site must have takin it down when we all pointed out that it was martin lawrence in a fat suit. what a tool

  3. the green chick have potencial to be the next jenna jameson… i would kill to see her with jesse jane or carmen luvana hehe

  4. This is a double win. First because of the magnificant rack on the chick in blue, and second because the guy in the back completley ruined the pic for someone.

    1. It would be easy enougho photoshop that fat piece of crap out of the shot. Why is he even there? shouldn’t he be at home on the couch killing another bag of cheetos?!? đŸ˜‰

    1. Natural is my guess. And besides, the dude in the back is epic win, he knows how to mess up someone else’s epic picture ;D

  5. LMAO… Never thought I’d see anyone I knew on here.. The one in the blue is actually a really cool girl. That pick was taken at PURE in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The girls work as cocktail waitresses and were out doing a club promotion. LMAO, gonna have to tell her about this one

  6. the hottie on blue/aqua got me distracted all the time took me like 10 seconds to notice was a fail pic because of the guy in the back lol

  7. it took me like 10 minutes to see what was wrong with this pic…. of course, i may not have been looking around the WHOLE picture.

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