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    1. So I’m sure this kid did not set this up by herself. Who the fuck tries to prank a pregnant woman?

  1. I’d hang the girl that scared the pregnant woman by her hair, shove a tire iron in her ass and lite her on fire…to put it gently…

    1. It is a mask with crazy hair if you look closely. Not sure if its a boy or girl though.

  2. that was one hell of a gush, THROUGH JEANS at that!! Induced labor?… no problem, just go get my bratty kid to get the shit and the baby outta you.

  3. You can see it come out from the bottom of her sweater. It also looks as if she has a cup or something in there she is trying not to drop

  4. What you’ve just witnessed was not an ordinary scaring of waterbreakage, this birth will issue forth a kid that’s gonna grow up, wear that mask, and torment the life out of pregnant women everywhere, muhahahahahahahaha!

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