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    1. It shows the transition at a young age into a dangerous but popular lifestyle.

      That’s how I interpret it. It is art, its about contradiction.

    2. Would it have been art if the baby rolled over on one of the guns and it killed her/him? Is noone accountable for blatent stupidity anymore? I definately see this baby wanting to transition into a dangerous life style. How ignorant and clueless to the gift of life can you people be. I’d bet the picture was taken as being cool, not art. then liberal idiots look at it and want to call it something it is not!

    3. Are you kidding, Confused? I guess the epicfail audience is mostly comprised of the uneducated. This is a photographic representation of a jarring lifestyle depiction. The dumbest person is the one who uploaded the pic to epicfail in the first place. It’s staged and it’s professional. Notice there’s no blaring flash, and it’s purposefully composed.

      I love mindless entertainment, I guess so do the mindless.

    4. Agreed Confused! I don’t care if there is ‘low flash’ or not. This is a disgusting and trashy photo, and anyone entertained by it, or anyone that, “learns something” is a fucking douche bag..

  1. they even have crack on the bed too…who calls this art? like i mean i could’v taken pics like this all the time and no one would call it soon as some posh twat calls it art people with big money jump on it like its going out of fasion…i think people with money have more money than sence

  2. Who cares fail! a stupid picture with little or no fail. OK guns shouldn’t be next to a babay . But its obviously a set up picture to show just how “GANGSTA” the people are. But its a epic fail epic fail because its not worth posting.

  3. Those socks…I am horrified that the kid has on such disgusting, filthy socks. Better save that money to cure the foot fungus.

  4. Yeah, this Deven dude who submitted this photo is looking for trouble and he found it by posting this photo. He doesn’t know the context of it and the reaction he’s likely to receive by his misuse of someone else’s image.

  5. (Money, Guns, Drugs)X2
    (Money, Guns, Drugs)X2
    (Money, Guns, Drugs)X2
    (Money, Guns, Drugs)X2

    Someone start rapping the first verse from here LOL

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