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    1. Wow, this poor kid needs lots of help. The older people around him are idiots, they are abviously where he has learned the words and attitude he has, and they taunt and tease him about erasing the game, beating this child would only make him worse. The people around him do not respect him in any way so he does not respect them back, From the way he freaks out about it, they must have erased something he has saved before and that’s not right.

    2. Dude this kid is going to be the thirty year old walking around in a damn cloak casting spells on people and playing dungeons and dragons with 13yr old outcasts if he doesnt get an ass whooping soon

  1. this is pretty fucked up, this kid has an addiction to the internet this young and instead of trying to help him with some of his issues they taunt him. idiots like this are most certainly not fit to be parents. im only sixteen and know these fuckers have poor parenting ability.

    1. Well maybe every effort has been exhausted and the only thing left to do is put him in a Sweat Shop…….and your 16 you have no idea what being a parent is about, a lot harder than it looks

  2. You are all idiots.

    These kids are not his parents… they are probably his older siblings (and the friends of his siblings). I know because this is the shit my older brothers and sisters did to me when I was younger. They didn’t do it with games. That was all still too new when we were younger, but they managed to mess with me in any way they could.

    This just happens when you are in a family that has more than one kid, and one of the kids is a few years older. It just happens.

  3. You people are all so fucking sad if you weren’t such inconsiderate scum you would see they are tormenting him and hopefully someone will get the information so CPS can take him somewhere better.
    Also beating your child only shows how bad your parenting skills are and how much of a failure you are as a human being

  4. These fucks are obviously not parents. they’re his older brother and his friend and they’ve decided that they think so lowly of themselves that they must torment this kid in order to have some fun. yeah, the kid has a problem with video games, i get it. but if i were in his situation, constantly getting picked on by older, bigger, stronger kids, i can’t say i’d do much different. the fat fuck that starts playing the game needs to eat his last twinky and fucking die. all these kids need to grow up, the little kid needs to make some friends (other than in that game) and develop some confidence in himself. the other kids need to just leave the kid alone and stop “trying to get the kid to realize that it’s just a game.” God… this video just pissed me off.

  5. Oh my god this makes me so sad. 🙁 This poor kid, he is so verry stressed out. He obviously has some issues that surpass this situation, I wish I could hug him.

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