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  1. omg shes more beautiful than lady gaga at least this chick has no balls like gaga… those eyes and that mustache

  2. You know… there are days where I can look at a big ugly slut and type: “I would tap that!”, then another one look at a big female horse (mare for geeks) and go “oh well I guess I would tap that too”

    This is one of those moment where id ask to get a look at the horse again…

  3. Those eyes could pierce your soul and what the hell is up with that fucking mustache? I’m assuming this is woman….well a frightening woman like creature anyways. Bet shes got hillbillies beating down her door to get some of that oh and to help shave her top lip. She grows a better mustache than most men! If I looked like that I’d hide in a dark fucking cave.

    1. Lol Can’t help you there, too busy having my twat washed off with a fucking hose. Then its time to apply some pink eye shit.

    2. Lol what!? What the hell is Thor supposed to be laughing at and I meant to make other jokes that pertained to something other than me being a cow 🙁

    3. Okay, shut up and just listen, then:
      Once upon a time there was this cow farmer and he wasn’t doing too good because his bull was old and not doing business like a bull should, ya know?
      So, anyways, the guy was over at his neighbors looking at how well his neighbor was doing and he happened to mention his problem. The neighbor said, “Don’t you know how to remedy that problem?
      The farmer says, “No.”
      “Well”, the neighbor says,”You need to put your hand up into the cow and LATHER it up real good, then rub that on your hand all over the bull’s nose.”
      The farmer goes, “REALLY?”
      The neighbor goes, “Works every time!”
      So, the farmer rushes home, corals the heifers, brings the bull out, LATHERS his hand and rubs it on the bull’s nose.
      The bull instantly gets aroused, mounts every cow in the coral; PROBLEM SOLVED!
      That night the farmer is so happy he can’t sleep. He tosses and turns thinking of all the money he will make and he suddenly realizes: He’s had a bout of “impotence” lately, himself. “IF IT WORKS FOR THE BULL, WHY WON’T IT WORK FOR HIM?”
      So with his old lady laying on her side he inserts three fingers, lathers up, rubs it all over his nose and “EUREKA!”; he’s got a boner like he hasn’t had for years!
      So, he’s so excited he jumps up, runs across the room, flips on the light, and exclaims, “HONEY! QUICK! LOOK! LOOK!”
      His wife sits up in bed, rubs her eyes, looks at him, looks at the clock, and says, “You mean to tell me, you woke me up at two o’clock in the morning to show me you’ve got a bloody nose?”


    5. ……you and 2homo?? well…if…thats…what your into….
      thats for the cow reference earlier! hehehe

    1. Is that a “You’re sexually arousing me” welcome or just a plain old usual “Fuck you. I’m trying my best to be nice” welcome?

    2. lol uhhhh well if I had to pick it would be the first one…I was actually trying to be nice 🙂 If I wanted to say FUCK YOU that wasnt funny Id just say it!

    3. Okay, that last statement has me all confused, but I’m aroused, so my compass is pointing to true North, right?

    4. Right! You picked the first option and then stated the second. No fucking wonder your directions always lead to the mall.

    5. 1. I never go to the SUCKS! 2. I picked the first option but said if it was the second option I wouldnt have bothered with saying you’re welcome…are you just wanting me to say Im aroused or what?? lol

    6. Hey! I’m a man. As usual, I’ll go along with whatever gets me laid. So, either answer the questions for me or hire me a gay interpreter…that is on my side.

    7. hahaha how did I not answer your question!!! Ask again and Ill give the straight answer you are wanting!! WILL THAT WORK??

    8. You know your gay interpreter would ever agree with me, right?
      I think I could get you to agree with me, nevertheless.

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