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  1. Hmm, If I fall and break my back, the paramedics will have to take me past the team locker room. If it’s bad enough I wont have to go to work on Monday either.

    For every fail, theres a little bit of win

    1. lets just hope u are a girl…some guys are so much of fans they wouldnt mind holding their favorite athletes nuts. and what was those 2 guys fighting over?

    2. Unfortunately for you I am a guy. I was merely paraphrasing for that moronic fan

      They were trying to get a shoe, that somehow ended up on the tarp. How the show got there is probably just as much of a fail as the guy falling.

    1. having lived in both cities, I can tell you that the people in Bev. Hills aren’t much sharper than Detroiters, if at all. your point is invalid.

  2. Who would risk life and limb to get closer to the sorry ass Rams? Duh, stupid ass St Louis fans.

    They should move back to LA.

  3. Football itself is an epic fail. Lets give a bunch of apes helmets and uniforms and pay them for slamming into each other, all the while the other apes getting drunk and stupider in the stands are cheering for people who don’t give a flying fuck about them if they’re not getting paid. Football = brain fail.

  4. I’m surprised. I knew one of my hometown teams would make it on this site, I just thought it would be those Blues fans. They walk in drunk and leave crawling.

  5. You did see my link to in the left column to the 2010 World Cup site? 🙂 I played soccer three years in college. I wasn’t very good but I have enjoyed fewer things more than playing “football.”

  6. did you see the faggot football player just standing there nice going you rich bastard hope you get paralized from a hit on the field worthless piece of crap

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