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    1. He would be cute if he didnt look like he belonged in Willy Wonkas chocolate factory.

  1. How in the hell do these horrible fake tan dudes keep ending up with these hot chicks? Fuck this, I’m buying a can of spray on tan tomorrow.

    1. I don’t get why hot chicks are drawn to these assholes either, it’s probably because the hotter the girl the dumber the whore.

  2. When are these assholes gonna realize that *orange* is not a skin color! And girls, PLEASE stop sleeping with these morons. You’re only encouraging them.

    1. More then 1/2 the tanning products out there are bullshit, yet people keep buying them and ending up on this website.

      You never know, he might have lost a bet and gotten painted with that stuff.

  3. Mr.Wonka needs to tighten up the security at the factory!…those damn oompa loompas is all over the world reproducing now…its critical!

  4. I know theres a tribe in Africa, who tan their skin with some orange stuff, because it defends them from sun rays, mosquitos and flies. But why the hell some americans & europeans do this shit, too? lol

  5. **this is a Cartoon reference** its like the scene in over the hedge when hammy the squirrel open the bag of nacho chips and got coated with the cheese powder. “Ello young blokes, what we have here is a guido cheeto in his natural habitat…”

  6. he looks funny but the girl who is with him makes me laugh more. we should treat people who over tan as social outcast and those who hang out with them. should be treated even worse

  7. Bob Villa must have a boner, because this may be the biggest tool I have ever seen in my life. His only excuse would be he is trying out to be Otto, the syracuse university mascot

  8. no he doesnt get with girls.. i go to school with this kid and im really good friends/ neighbors with the girl, and he is in fact very gay.

  9. ok.
    1. false white teeth
    2. wtf is with the top
    3. bitch using his money
    5. hehe at the guy in the top left hand corner
    6. and the fake tan guys hair? 😐
    7. and his face bahaha

  10. LOL if this guy were ever to come to the same party as me i would smack him in the head with my Bass. i love hitting fags with the bass (guitar that is not fish lol).

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