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    1. You can die from a fall that’s milder than this. Bubba fell a good ten feet, and the bike landed on him.
      He should be dead for being so stupid, but he’ll probably live…unfortunately…
      looks like his arm got busted when the bike landed on it…

    1. what?? How the FUCK do you hope he’s alright right after you just said he died?? Kerry, are you blonde??

    2. Dumb fuck, she is referring to two different people! One in her county and the guy in the video. Two different people.

  1. Working for a provincial fair last year, I just don’t see why they have these as game prizes. Their easy to steal (it happened when I was a ticket taker) and their not practical unless your smaller.

    It looks like his weight worked against him on this flip.

  2. Didn’t Billy Mayes die from a small fall that gave him a head ache? When its our time to go anything can happen lol.

    1. yeah. he died from that, and the cocaine in his system, and maybe even seeing his own commercials. they make me die a little each time… no matter how you present oxi clean, it doesnt do all that shit. i tried.

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