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  1. Good job at a tattoo, but really? Glasses? Then again its more original than some i have seen on the face…teardrops? Hearts? Stars? Nah i am gettin myself a pair of specs!

  2. I’d practice ‘Do you want fries with that?’

    I have tattoos also. But mine can be covered by a elbow length sleeve, so I can like… actually get a job….

    1. There’s no way even a fast food joint would hire him. Hope he’s independently wealthy. I wouldn’t even waste an application on him.

    2. I got 7 tattoos, 2 of them on my neck, 3 big ones on my arms, 1 on my leg and 1 on my belly. I can’t cover 5 of them, yet I manage to get a job at a nursing home. With other words, as long as they are tasteful, there is no reason why you shouldn’t manage to get a job just because you got tattoos. 😉 I wouldn’t get one in my face tho..

    1. It might be swarm of stars around his left eye. Then he i going to claim he wanted one star but fell asleep.

  3. My cousin had a shamrock tattooed on her cheek. Every year at the family reunion she’s like, “I dont know why the wont let me stop mopping floors and give me that office job I want! Im qualified!”
    Ummmm, yeah. Maybe it’s the fact that youre 30 and still think your cheek tatto was a good idea? Just guessin’.

    1. That is a Fail. another is getting “Problem Child” tatt’d on your forearms, nice lookin tat but on a job, customers stay away from you and noone takes you seriously.

    2. There was this guy a couple years ago who was shot dead while robbing a store. He was identified by his tattoos. The epic fail was all the tats were optimistic feel good sayings, including “I will succeed.”

  4. Wow, this guy is a fucking dumbass!!! Whats going to happen when he needs to get a real job to provide from himself???? He must be one of people who still live with their mom and dad and lives off of them. Thats why if you get tattoos like that, think long and hard about how they will affect your life.

  5. Now it’s an endless conversation 24/7 for this idiot. “Why did you put glasses on your face?” “Did it hurt?” They’ll be sagging like a MF one day. She must have some good pussy. I wouldn’t do for a million dollars.

  6. Well at least he didnt go for tatoo contact lenses

    And to those of you who say he will never get a job…

    I own a small company, and I would LOVE to give him a job…just so I can come in to work and make fun of his dumbass everyday. It’s totally worth $10 an hour to hire that kind of comedy!

    1. lol I’m guessing that’s why you own a SMALL company…
      Check your phone bill. Most calls from the office prolly to the Suicide Hotline xD

  7. anyone that actully gets a tattoo is a fail at life…all a tattoo is.. is for someone that doesnt know how to make a good conversation…for example a silent pause… ooh look at my new tattoo…when someone asks you how long did it take and did it hurt what they actully mean is i dont give a fuck about your silly little doodle on your arm go away you guido…basicly dont get a tattoo find something to talk about that actully stimulates your friends brain loooool

  8. He’ll be struggling with his next job interview. He needs to tattoo a cock on his face next cause he really is a grade A cock head.

  9. I like how someone on every video KNOWS it’s fake, as if they were there when it happened just check it out EVERY video comment list has one.

  10. Man, your permanently part of the nerdz community. Now to make it official lets tattoo the tape in the middle shall we!

  11. This guy never had glasses of his whole life… and now that he has, he’ll never have a job of his whole retard life XD

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