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  1. While we are all some how realated to each other from God only knows how long back the fact that he met her at a Family party suggests that he needs to be killed with fire. And his parents as well for nameing him Merlin.

    1. I worked with a guy named Merlin, people would always call him the Wizard and he never understood why…seemed kinda depressed when I told him about it.

    1. Realistic planetary origin fail!
      If you still believe in Adam and Eve, then there’s no hope for you…

    2. Oh, puleeeeeeez! There were already people in the land of Nod…that’s where Cain got his wife. And there weren’t just two sons…Seth came after and there were quite a few more children…go look at your begats

  2. new program starting.. the hills have eye’s…by the hills i mean the hill’s in hollywood…i fucking hate that show but the girls in it keep me hooked fap fap fucking faaaaaap

  3. Come on, 14 generations? What’s the problem. Bush and Gore are more closely related than that, are you saying they shouldn’t make out either?

    1. Well, I think we should all take a step back and take a full frontal to see how hot she is before we judge. It just might be worth it…

    2. how is it worth it rlly WTF no no NO its wrong to make out or do anything like that with a famliy member i dont give a rats ass if its 20 billion generations apart thats a rule if ur apart of the family and at a family party DONT look for people to pick up think of it like ur gonna make out with u sister or brother…yeah not so ok now is it

  4. i believe the fact that ur 14 generations apart isnt creepy at all. i mean ppl marry their 3rd cousins these days even. and for all we know the bf/gf ur with could be related to u like that, more or less. the fucking creepy part is the fact that he met her at a family reunion. jeez coulda picked a better place to meet a girl…

    1. would u like to explain how u know theyre ugly? u cant see their faces. do u have special vision? wait…no u dont. quit talking like a dumbass.

    1. If its double D, any cousin goes good for me. If its a slut, just up the butt, if its you`re mother, then kill yourself or find another.

      If its dad, well.. thats just sad.

      If its granny, then uh… bang her, kill her and blame it on a heart attack.

      Ok I am leaving now… cough…

  5. as wrong as cousin kissing is…. you can see the freaks boner reflection in the back windshield… EPIC EPIC SUPER EPIC FAILURE!!!!

  6. I know these people, and they’re related by marriage, they started dating before the people got married, the conversation was edited on a program, i’ve seen the actual convo and they did NOT really meet at a family party.

  7. Bah, love is love, so is lust and desperation, why not its “only 14 generations apart”.

    Heck Ive done my cousin, but once you see her, you`d understand it all.

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