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  1. Now the small insignia above the name, is that a rooster over fire? If so, I see a meal in the buyers future.

  2. it’s Porto wine.
    it’s a portuguese company actually.
    porto wine is only produced in Portugal.
    (like champagne is only produced in the champagne region in france.)
    it might burn if you overdrink it…

    1. i’m sorry, but if something (for example champagne) is made with the same ingredients as champagne, in the same manner as champagne, and tastes like champagne,then who cares WHERE it was made, it’s champagne, and screw the french and the whole damned EU!

    2. Ruby port..
      you also get white port..
      called, white port.
      Indeed Porto ruby port is portuguese.

    1. Apparently neither do you if consider Cockburns Special Reserve a good drink. Fonseca 1994 or Grahams 1970 are far better. By the way, at least we “ignorant gimps” know the difference between “know” and “no”.

  3. This is just dumb. There’s a Teacher in Menchville High School in newport neews VA named Mrs. Cock Burn. This is nothing new to me. It’s her and Mr. Cummings.(Yes that was spelled correctly)

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