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    1. They don’t “approve” comments fag, they “approve” email addresses. Your name fits you so well you fucking dick smoker.

    2. You may be a fatass, but it looks like you really need to exercise that tiny little brain of yours. Think before you post some ignorant shit faggot.

    3. Right, I’d really post as fat bastard if I were fat, no it’s from Austin powers you ignorant fuck. Now use a new email address and see if your comment needs to be approved, then take some time away from the computer, go calm down and try going on a date you social life reject.

    4. Hey fatso you’re an idiot! you ever ran a wordpress site? No! you haven’t. Now shut the hell up. btw, only geeks liked austin powrs

    5. Yours and carols post are a little to close together… You changed your email and name to try to prove me wrong. Really? You are a fucking troll, fag.

    1. Not saline. Syntherol injections. Its obviously not muscle but you can tell he thinks he looks great. What an idiot.

    1. Nah Pres. Rome he makes you lick him clean. i was pissin in the gym bathroom and i saw you… door was open… and i thought you were nasty for giving him a blumpkin.

    1. yeah we’re doing some of this research in sport injuries atm… dude shud knw eve if you overex your biceps, your forearms are never that small in comparison… bet you most of the ppl he meets tells him that, hence the internet publicity-stunt 🙂

  1. another tall fat guy spendin to much time on curls and not enough with cardio…….. ur not the fkn Giant and u dont wrestle… go the fuck home n wack faster.. knowck sum fat off bitch

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