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  1. The camera says North Skywalk. Did he really think he was going to jump out of a 2nd story window or higher, bounce, and escape?

    See kids, this is the real danger of too much TV and video games–you forget you’re a sofa spud. LOL

    1. And just what door are you looking talking about? The only door I see are the doors to the hallway which are already open.

    1. Cant there be one video of a black man on here where hes just seen as a person doing something stupid.. why does everyone have to highlight the fact that hes black? Why is a black man seen differently to as you say a “regular human being”?

    2. @ Y.G.B: What are you complaining about? Richard was the first in mentioning it and not even even in a negative way. He could have said the guy is black and stupid but he didn’t or did he?

  2. My Buddy works at this prison. That’s not an emergency exit look at the door hinge on the top. That’s the door to the sky walk which is open in the video, and yes if that dude actually made it through the window he would have a 2 story drop onto asphalt to look forward to.

    1. Well, Gloomy. All he would have had to do was miss the ground entirely and he would have been home free.

  3. YOU fail at keeping up with the times. I hope someone find you failing and pops it on here and highlight your slow reaction time or poor judgemant as your RUNNING from the POLICE. ASS

  4. Why the fuck are some of you assholes so fucking racist? If you haven’t noticed there are more white trash American fails on this site than any other race.

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