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    1. Bud light limes r fine! Not in a can but fine, anyway the guy gettin the beeer spilt on him looks like the jocker! Red lips, green lookin hair and a very white face (not to be racist cause im half “white”)!

    1. yer monday to friday im poking my pussy with my finger sataday and sunday im on here poking my pussy with my thumb

    1. Well I’m not the only one that thought “IT” was a guy or girl just look at other comments no woman for me cuz I prefer nasty sluts have a good one 🙂

  1. Oh I get it, he was rubbing on the girl in the middle only to come across her penis. Now he’s like “NOOOO!!!!!” “that’s the third time this week”.

    1. I know dude she got on me for asking gender but before I asked someone asked if this was take pre operation or post operation as in a dick tuck jesus christ I wasn’t gonna ask that lol

    1. me too. it makes me angry right now..the way people don`t have control over stuff like this when they`re drunk..damn it..

  2. Ursula may as well be a woman (minus the sloppy make-up and gargantuan body) because his, her, his, her, DAMMIT, HIS penis is smaller than my penis.

  3. There is a bit of win in that loss, and people obsessing over some guy/girls sexuality should start questioning their own.

    Makes you think eh 😉 Harrr harr.

  4. I’d call that a masculinity fail… emo hair, possible lipstick/ make-up and over-reacting to a spilt drink… in fact, I think he may be gay…

  5. I love all the haters on here talking smack about Ursula while flick’en their micro-peens thinking about her because they can’t get a woman any where near that pathetic thing.

    The guy on the left, he may be gay, he may be straight, but what I do know is the pussy he turns down daily is 100 times better than the gutter scans any of you worthless pieces of shit could ever bang.

    Have fun trolling fail blog loosers, I’m gonna go have sex with a Channing Tatum look-a-like now.

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