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  1. Whats wrong with that? I use that hand signal with the bitches ALL THE TIME!!! It means, “Come and get you some dick!”

  2. Do none of the above posters have children? Poor little guy needs a potty break! What a great little actor for TRYING to be discrete. Can’t believe this movie has been out for 20+ years and no one caught this before now. Gotta track down the kid through IMBD.

  3. The kid looks to be 4ys or 5yrs old. he just pissed his pants and probly trying to get mommy’s attention. but WTF after 20+ years why is someone checking out the kid and his groin?

    1. Yep. Of cource you are Dannel Evans. You just happened to react 7 hours after the first post and 1 hour after your name was mentioned about something that happened 20 years ago.

      No. Thats bullshit.

      And then…

      Is that really the way children show their need to go to toilet? Would that kind of gestures (so obvious, if you look that person) escaped from the makers of this film, and therefore ended up to final cut of this film? That they (makers of this film) don’t look how each individual in the scene performs in it.

      No. This is there on purpose.

      This is subliminal message. And very sinister as such. Message of pedophilia. This is about something very sick. Some MK project is the first thing that comes to my mind.

      This is no fail. You can bet your ass on that. Although, I’m sure there is lot of ppl with three little monkey syndrome who disagree with me. But hey, thats what they always do when some negative issue is raised up.

  4. It is a subliminal message designed to invoke into children’s subconscious sense in order to make them perverted at an early stage

  5. its all synchronized , the hat waves to distract the eye, steenburgen smiles immediately afterward. Think what you want but it all boils down to Hollywood being full of pedophiles.

  6. The little dude was on drugs and mistakenly thought he was on a porn flick. He was giving the sign for a fluffer.

  7. I watched this movie at least 5 times and i haven’t notice that before, that was weird, but not as weird as that little ghost boy in 3 men and the baby

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