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  1. Let’s test his power. Can he stop a bullet or fire?
    He will soon be known as Dead Man, then Super worm food.
    Most likely he will die from being oversexed. He must get over run by the ladies in that suit. No regular human could make love to all of the women that suit must attract. But who could blame the women? look at how cool that suit is!!!

    1. O an here’s another stupid american hahaha okay luke your parents must have really hated you I mean to give you such a name is a fail hahaha

  2. Kay, either you make it yourself, or, you get a costume that has over-exaggerated EVERYTHING and makes you look like a total dick. I like this onebetter.

  3. either tony stark has been forced to make cutbacks because of the economy or thats iron man’s crack addicted twin brother

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