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  1. I guess we’re never leaving! If these guys can’t even do jumping jacks, how the fuck are they supposed to defend their own country?

    1. So aptly named you are Fail Master since you have seemingly mastered the art of failing. I would tell you to go do something similar but I realize that just being yourself must be more punishment than any one person deserves for even the most heinous crime. I pity you and wish you well in your future endeavors that you may gain self esteem and self worth and free yourself from the chains of your current personality. Au Revoir.

    2. V win lolz… and yes, it looks like are boys are gonna be there for a while longer 🙁 such a shame

    3. OK just so ya’ll know that is not US army that is the Afghani troop we are training so it looks like we are doing a good job well for us anyways haha

    1. they don’t sit on the seat, they actually hover over it, it’s just what they do, damn ragheads

    2. “When they use our guys heads they shit on the toilet seats”

      What the hell did you just say? that makes no sense. Please explain.

      oh, and, the hole is used just about everywhere in the world except North America and Europe. Just letting you know.

    1. Don’t be mad cause more than half the world knows more than one language and your dumbass is too lazy to learn another.

    2. youfail u can “chuparme toda mi pinche verga pendejo de mierda”, if wana know what i said seek in a dictionary fking asshole

    1. What does the quran have to do with anything you idiot. This is how i know you people are sick in the head. Get your head out of your arse and stop being a total idiot.

      This is how i know those american soldiers are doing a damn good job training so called soldiers. and at the same time they getting their ass kicked by the same ppl funny huh.

  2. I have been there and tried training them as well. Most of them can barely do 10 push-ups, and most of those are not done right. they also like to cheat when doing a two mile run by hiding behind buildings and waiting for the front man to come back around to start running again.

    1. Can’t speak for the laziness factor, but those guys look they were somewhat malnourished as children. They look to be about 120lbs soaking wet. That’s not genetics, that’s horrible nutrition whilst growing up.



  3. Sigh……………Iraq will be run by Al Queda two weeks after the US leaves, whenever that is. Saddam could at least have been paid off by us, and he kept that country in check while in power. It would have been an easy deal, Saddam you bring us the severed heads of terrorists and you get sanctions dropped.

    1. we were looking to set an example, not heads of terrorists fucktard, follow your corrupt politics

    2. Tom, you idiot, Saddam WAS being paid by you i.e. he was on the CIA payroll, up to the point he decided to do things his way and sell oil in EUROS…Saddam was killing Muslim radicals (Ansar Al Islam) since he got to power. You did not invade Iraq to get rid of terrorists, you invaded to seize control of their oil industry to compete with Russia whose energy companies have taken over most of Europe and Asia. Learn to think critically and assess information in a constructive manner before you spew your nonsense.


      Those “soldiers” on the video are retards.

    1. They have to mate with animals! Do you think any woman is going to want any of that uncoordinated mess of men!

    2. President Rome, you can make fun of race since we are all one race (human), but its wrong to make fun of peoples beliefs. Make fun of me all you want, but all i know is that you are an ignorant little troll.

    3. “its wrong to make fun of peoples beliefs”

      Bullshit. So we can make fun of anything we want as long as someone doesn’t believe in it? The minute some jackoff starts believing in anything it becomes taboo? So if someone starts worshipping Carrottop as their god then we cant make fun of him anymore?

    4. Let me rephase that. To ignorantly make fun of some one’s belef is wrong. For instance, if you believe all that crap about Islam FOX tablespoons you, then you are just an idiot who agrees with them (not personally you, people)

    5. So pedophilia is now covered as a religious right, Jackel? And what about murdering those who don’t believe as you do? Your “prophet” was a pedophile, a murderer and a rapist. Those who worship him are no better.

  4. To say thats these people actually killed a lot of americans GI on the field doesn’t make you feel more stupid than them ? Fascinating, I can wait my geencard …

  5. It amazes me that we still can’t get the Middle East under control. So who’s government is actually the most retarded?

    1. Nahh Arabs are cowards. They can’t fight 1 on 1 hand to hand. They can sure fuck a donkey though. Only bullshit I see is you

  6. It looks too me like he was making fun of the jumping jacks, or at least after a while! Your comments fail, they make YOU guys look like retards. Oh Please.

  7. fuck all of you and your politics that you dont understand you read one newspaper see a michael moore movie and you’re educated. the government will always be one step ahead of every race…so fuck em and fuck all of you. oh yeah suck my Los Angeles Cock…:)

  8. He’s like about half the fuckups making comments here at this site at the first half of the thread: he wants attention so he is fucking up on purpose. The instructor should put him in the leaning rest for about 30 minutes an it would straight out 90% of these assholes.

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